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Renata Ri’s racism and Vinnie Hacker baiting are exposed

Renata Ri’s racism and Vinnie Hacker baiting are exposed

Renata Valliulina, as Renata Ri, is facing backlash after a contentious interview. An exclusive Russian discussion purportedly revealed her racism. The model called black males ugly in the interview.

A translation of an Instagram video sparked the uproar. The interview was posted six months ago.

In the translated clip, Ri discusses her dating experience after being asked how she initially started.

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Renata Ri’s Response

The Instagrammer resorted to her account to explain her allegedly nasty interview after it went viral.

Ri addressed the topic in her Instagram story. The model said her English wasn’t fantastic and used that as her reason for not discussing the issue on Live.

Ri deemed the translator’s job “extremely terrible” in her text and then explained what she meant in the video, which has since gone viral.


The Russian beauty said she simply meant being in a “strange nation” with “foreigners.” She denied mentioning a specific race and said they were unattractive.

Ri was disheartened by the controversy.

Ri’s statement backfired

Online users were unhappy after seeing Ri’s statement. Many Russian speakers claimed Ri lied about her translation.

Ri’s recent explanation has been accused of misleading non-Russian speakers.

Native Russian speakers allege Ri called one of her teachers “fat” in the same interview.

Ri was accused of using the n-word in her interview to refer to “foreigners” instead of “black guys.”

Instagram users noticed that in Ri’s initial interview video, she said something akin to the n-word.

Ri & Hacker

Ri is also accused of making racial remarks.

Ri’s pal claimed she always wanted to move to Los Angeles and model there.

Ri’s buddy said she posted nude photos to attract older males.

Ri allegedly deleted her naked photos after acquiring fame and money.

The model followed her goal and moved to L.A.

Ri is accused of pursuing men in L.A. and following their life patterns to develop a relationship for her advantage.

She’s accused of the same with Vinnie Hacker.

Ri’s friend says Hacker liked her social media photos, which led to their relationship.