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Rebecca Judd’s husband criticizes her second wedding, and her mother of twins spills the beans

Rebecca Judd’s husband criticizes her second wedding, and her mother of twins spills the beans

Pregnancy is a perk of married life for the majority of women around the world, and it is something that completes a woman. However, for Australian TV star Rebecca Judd, her first pregnancy is the driving force behind her desire to rekindle her vows.

The Australian native is best known for hosting Postcards (2011), a Victorian-themed travel show on Nine Network. She is also the weekend weather anchor for Nine News (2014).

Rebecca Judd’s show Postcards in Australia Goldfield Episode is hosted by Rebecca Judd (Published on Oct 21, 2015)

The former model is also a brand ambassador for Christian Dior timepieces, R. Corporation, Melbourne City Land Rover, and Jaguar, and can be seen on billboards all around the Land of Kangaroos. She is a speech therapist in addition to being a well-known TV show host.

Rebecca Judd is a model and actress. Has three siblings, according to his bio.

The Australian beauty was born in Melbourne on January 27, 1983, to mother Kerry Brown and father Hugh Twigley. There are three siblings in her family. Her parents have given her a sister and two half-siblings.

Her parents divorced when she was four years old.

In 2008, she earned a bachelor’s degree in speech and language pathology from La Trobe University. She worked at Alfred Hospital and Cabrini Hospital as a speech pathologist.

Just A Red Dress Is Rebecca Judd’s Secret To Fame

Before obtaining her university diploma, the speech pathologist began her career as a model. Rebecca was awkward and geeky as a kid, and no one expected her to grow up to be a beautiful model.

But adolescence took its toll on her, and by the time she was in her teens, she had established herself as a model. She was Chanel’s in-house model and walked the runway for Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, La Perla, and Dior, among others.

Already a prominent model, the stunning lady made headlines in 2004 when she arrived with her boyfriend in a provocative red Tarvydas gown at the Brownlow Medal Ceremony. Her clothing drew a lot of attention and turned her into an overnight celebrity.

Even nine years later, she stated that the red gown was the most important factor in her being able to pursue a successful career. In a 2013 interview with the Herald Sun, she said:

Following her celebrity, she began her career in television as a guest presenter on Just Add Water in Nine Perth. She has since gone on to become the darling of Australian television shows.

Twins’ Mother During her pregnancy, Rebecca Judd had a difficult time.

Judd is both gorgeous and talented, and she has a good job to go along with her happy family.

Chris Judd, an Australian Football League player, is her spouse, and the couple married in 2010. She met her hubby in 2002, and the two have been going strong as a couple ever since.

The lovely couple has four beautiful children: son Oscar Dylan (2011), daughter Billie Kate (2014), and adorable twins Dary Hugh Judd and Tom Andrews, born in 2016.

Oscar had to have an emergency delivery due to a twisted umbilical cord around his neck, therefore it wasn’t easy for her to become a mother. In an interview with Mamamia, her husband describes how terrifying that specific moment was for the couple:

The terrifying incident has passed, and the family is now living a joyful life together. Oscar has not only remained healthy since that complication, but he now has three other siblings to keep him company.

Judd’s mother, who is typically very busy, also lives with the family and helps to care about her four lovely children. Family is family, after all, and they’re always there for you when you need them.

Rebecca Judd’s opulent wedding cost a fortune

Who wouldn’t want an extravagant wedding to remember when marrying their lifemate for the rest of their lives? That’s why we’ve set our sights on Judd and Chris for our wedding!

Rebecca and her husband Chris married in a grandiose ceremony at Melbourne’s Albert Park.

Three deck changes, a lounge lit with 100 candles, a five-tier floral chandelier made from fluffy white hydrangea, peonies, and flickering candles, and a custom invitation delivered in a box decorated with two gardenia flowers and scented in passionfruit were all part of The Style Co.’s lavish wedding.

She also wore two separate J’Aton Couture designer gowns, one for her wedding day and the other for her reception. Wow, all of that must have cost a small fortune!

Despite the extravagant wedding, Judd confesses that she still wishes to reaffirm their wedding vows. After all, certain memories are worth remembering!

Rebecca Judd wants to renew her wedding vows for a variety of reasons.

Judd wants to relive more than simply the opulence of their wedding day. She couldn’t fully appreciate the wedding because she was expecting the couple’s first child.

Rebecca was 10 weeks pregnant with Oscar on the day of their wedding. The lovely lady was unable to fully enjoy—dance and drink—due to her pregnancy. In a 2017 interview with the Herald Sun, she said:

However, because the couple is still paying off the cost of their lavish wedding from years ago, this desire of hers may take some time to come true.

Nonetheless, it would be an absolutely joyful moment for Judd as well as her kids to relive their parent’s wedding! We’ll have to wait a few more years to see if it actually happens. Until then, the Judds wish you a joyful family life!