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Rapper Gunplay’s Ex-Girlfriend Aneka Johnston Press Charges on Him for Head-Butting Her Outside Stripper Club

Rapper Gunplay’s Ex-Girlfriend Aneka Johnston Press Charges on Him for Head-Butting Her Outside Stripper Club

Isn’t Gunplay, the star of LHHM, often in trouble? Aneka Johnston, Gunplay’s ex-girlfriend, filed charges against him in January 2018 for head-butting her outside The Office strip club.

Rapper Gunplay is known for his violent acts as well as his music and provocative tattoos. It’s not the first time Gunplay has been accused of something. He was sentenced to home arrest in 2012 after robbing his accountant at gunpoint. Video evidence was used to prove it. Because the case was subsequently dismissed, he avoided a possible life sentence.

However, there is a distinct narrative going on with one of Gunplay’s fellow cast members. Raymond Taylor, Trina’s boyfriend from LHHM, is having a fantastic time.

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Aneka Johnston, his ex-girlfriend, was assaulted by Gunplay.

The terrible incident occurred in Miami on New Year’s Day. Gunplay was out with his current girlfriend Keyara Stone at The Office strip club when his ex-girlfriend happened to be performing there. Gunplay left the club after a heated altercation about their previous relationship and afterwards waited in a parking lot for his old partner Aneka to emerge.

Gunplay is accused of head-butting Aneka Johnston, his ex-girlfriend. Meet Magazine is the source of this image.

Their intense discussion continued until 3 a.m. Gunplay became enraged during the altercation and struck Aneka in the face with his head. Aneka, Gunplay’s ex-girlfriend, was left with bruises on her face and neck, as well as a scrape on her cornea. After that, the unfortunate girl drove herself to a neighboring hospital to be treated.

The police sent her to the Florida State Attorney’s Office in order to pursue criminal charges. During the course of the charges, it was also revealed that Gunplay was quite violent during their relationship, which resulted to their breakup.

Domestic Violence by Rapper Gunplay

Furthermore, rapper Gunplay was shown to have a long history of domestic violence and abuse. Mark DiCowden, Johnston’s attorney, told The Blast that Gunplay built a profession by committing crimes and celebrating harming people. Mark went on to say that just because Gunplay is famous doesn’t mean he can do anything he wants.

We hope that Rapper Gunplay concentrates more on his music profession rather than engaging in illegal activity.

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