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Rakim’s wife stood by him as he fought child-support allegations from Nicole Smith.

Rakim’s wife stood by him as he fought child-support allegations from Nicole Smith.

Rakim, the God MC, pioneered multisyllabic rapping. The hip-hop legend impacted Wu-Tang Clan, 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem.

The veteran MC has three children with his wife Felicia. He also has a son with Nicole Smith.

He was arrested many times for failing to pay child support for his son with Nicole.

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Rakim arrested for child-support dispute with Nicole Smith

Rakim’s relationship with Nicole didn’t seem to affect his family or current wife, but it did affect him. He was arrested for child support in 2004.

Smith said Rakim owed $25,000 in child support and hadn’t seen their son in five years on Hot 97’s Morning Show (via MTV).

The MC was ignorant of the warrant and stated it wasn’t the first time he’d been wrongly jailed for child support. Rakim said he first learned he had a son when he was arrested before.

Rakim married his high school sweetheart

Eric B met his wife Felicia in school; they’re still married.

Rakim and his wife have three children: Tahmell, Jabar, and Destiny Griffin.

Rakim has said that his parents educated him about life and marriage. When the rapper appeared in The Breakfast Club, he was asked about his marriage. He said yes and was thankful for his parents’ upbringing.

Rakim is a legend.

Rakim, whose full name is William Michael Griffin Jr., is a talented emcee and lyricist.

His amazing lyricism and sophisticated rhyme systems changed hip-hop. In 2012, The Source named him the “Top 50 Lyricist of All Time.”

Rakim started rapping at 7 and became famous following ‘Eric B for President’ Paid in Full topped the Billboard 200 at #58.

After the pair split in 1993, Rakim released The 18th Letter in 1996. It reached #4 on Billboard 200 and was RIAA Gold.

The hip-hop legend still tours. Rakim published Sweat the Technique: Revelations on Creativity from the Lyrical Genius on September 24, 2019. It gives a glimpse into his life and is meant to inspire artists.