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Rachel DeMita is dating an NBA player; learn about her parents, ethnicity, and net worth.

Rachel DeMita is dating an NBA player; learn about her parents, ethnicity, and net worth.

Rachel DeMita is a former collegiate basketball player, TV host, and social media sensation. The Ohio native rose to prominence after presenting and creating NBA 2KTV, the first-ever television show aired via a video game. She is also a model for Otto Models, where she primarily models for sports, cosmetics, and commercial products.

DeMita also has a self-titled Youtube channel where she posts videos about lifestyles, fitness, and basketball.

DeMita, who is stunning, has found someone who shares her passion for basketball.

Andre Roberson, a well-known NBA star player, is her current boyfriend. The cute couple is frequently spotted together on social media, flaunting their affection for one another.

The couple has been dating for over two years and their relationship appears to be going well.

Andre Roberson, an NBA player, is Rachel DeMita’s boyfriend.

Andre Roberson, a professional basketball player in the NBA, is DeMita’s current boyfriend. Roberson is a shooting guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In June 2018, Demita posted an Instagram story with Andre that included a bunch of heart emoticons flying about their heads, sparking speculation about their relationship. The offending post has since been removed.

After a little more than two weeks since the first reveal, she posted a photo on Instagram of the two on the red carpet of the 2018 NBA Awards. However, the reports of them dating remained unconfirmed because she did not include any captions implying otherwise or corroborating the claims.

DeMita finally put the rumors to rest when she released a new photo of herself with Roberson four months after the first one.

She was photographed signing autographs with Roberson (who she affectionately referred to as ‘Dre’) and captioned the shot, “another season begins!” Dre, I am very proud of you, and I can’t wait to see you out there soon! “I am your number one fan.”

Demita has Roberson’s heart.

Roberson appears frequently in DeMita’s Instagram postings, and she isn’t shy about letting the world know how great her lover is.

Love is very much in the air for DeMita. That appeared to be the case on the couple’s first Valentine’s Day. DeMita was photographed wearing a lovely floral black dress and hugging a rose to her chest in the Valentine’s Day image. Her sensuous smile and overflowing hair enhanced her beauty and brought out the shine in her eyes. Not just DeMita’s, but also Roberson’s eyes twinkled with love.

She was seen visiting Roberson in Oklahoma later in October after uploading another photo of them attending the NBA award together in June 2019.

DeMita shared a sweet, though heartbreaking, photo of herself holding Roberson on July 9th. The tweet appeared to be a type of send-off for her partner, who had to return to Orlando for his game.

DeMita debuted her partner on her Youtube channel for the first time in August 2019. If she hadn’t already made her boyfriend’s relationship public, that video sealed the deal.

DeMita asked twenty-eight intimate questions in the video, titled ‘How Well Does My Boyfriend Know Me,’ about the color of her eyes, her favorite meal, her favorite movie, and so on.

While any boyfriend would be hesitant to answer so many intimate questions from their ladies, Roberson accomplished a great achievement by correctly answering twenty-two of them! DeMita gave him five bonus points for his replies, and who knows what more! *wink

Rachel DeMita’s age, NBA 2KTV, parents, and net worth are all included below.

DeMita was born on June 14, 1990, according to Famous Birthdays. DeMita, on the other hand, posted a photo on Instagram on June 15 of herself holding balloons with the numerals ‘three’ and ‘zero.’ DeMita is 30 years old at the moment, despite the fact that her birthdate may fluctuate by a day.

Jack William DeMita and Shannon DeMita are the parents of Rachel DeMita.

During her high school and college years, she was a basketball player. She went on to work for ESPN, NBA TV, Uproxx, and Fox Sports Digital after graduation.

Her original career resume is remarkable, but it was her role as the host of NBA 2KTV in 2014 that made her renowned. But she never relied solely on her celebrity. She documented her active lifestyle as a basketball player, host of the game, and aficionado on Instagram and YouTube. Her popularity earned her a spot in the NBA Celebrity All-Star game in 2018 when she was joined by billionaire Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart, and Justin Bieber. Her active social media presence earned her a devoted following.

Her career is growing, and she has an on-the-go attitude. While her current salary is unknown, Gossip Gist said that she had a net worth of $500k in 2018.