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Preston Roberts’ Biography: “Mountain Men” and His Legacy After Death

Preston Roberts’ Biography: “Mountain Men” and His Legacy After Death

Preston Roberts of Mountain Men flew away with the same wings on July 24, 2017. Death and love are the two pinions that carry the good man to paradise.

He was a daring man who spent his entire life roaming the Pisgah National Forest and became well-known for his role in the Mountain Men TV series. This mountain guy worked as an artist, woodsman, environmentalist, educator, and craftsman in addition to being a mountain man.

Preston Roberts was a true multi-talented individual.

How Much Money Did He Make From Mountain Men?

He lived a low-profile life for the better part of his life, despite the Mountain Men series for The History Channel TV bringing him to the public’s attention.

Preston Roberts’ net worth and salary figures aren’t publicly available.

However, the fact that a fundraising was needed to support his wife and family even after his death demonstrates that he was financially disadvantaged.

Preston Roberts’ bio will tell you more about him.

Preston Roberts, the star of “Mountain Men,” was born in Brevard, North Carolina, on July 17, 1957.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Appalachian State University after graduating from Atlantic Christian College.

He met Eustace Conway in 1982 after graduation, and the two became lifelong friends.

He appeared in the series “Mountain Men” alongside Eustace and was also the creator of the Turtle Island Preserve program.

He tragically died on July 24, 2017, at the age of 60, after making his final appearance alongside him in the sixth season of The History Channel TV’s Mountain Men series.

Preston’s Mountaineers Kathleen DuPont McGuire, Robert’s wife, married him!

After courting Kathleen DuPont McGuire for a few months, Preston Roberts married Kathleen DuPont McGuire in a monogamous marriage in 1975.

Following their marriage, he lavished affection on his lovely wife, to the point where he rephrased the phrase “behind every good man there is a woman.” to “beside every good man there is a woman.”

Kathleen and Robert had three boys together, and their marriage was perfect until Robert’s unexpected death.

Preston Roberts of the Mountain Men: What Happened to Him? What caused him to pass away?

Preston Roberts died in his family’s embrace, in the arms of his beloved wife Kathleen. He died of liver problems caused by an incurable tumor on July 24, 2017.

For a long time, the Mountain Men star had been diagnosed with cancer, which had progressed to a mass on his liver. Later on, the tumor produced a slew of problems in his body by obstructing blood and oxygen flow.

Within three weeks of being found, this had a detrimental impact on his health, and the tumor was later discovered to be inoperable.

As a result, it became his primary cause of death.

His lifelong friend Eustace wrote an emotional note on Facebook upon his death, saying,

From now on, only Eustace will be included in the Mountain Men series.