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Power Couple Luiza Barros and Captain Jimmy Nelson’s Marriage Fortified by Common Fishing Passion

Power Couple Luiza Barros and Captain Jimmy Nelson’s Marriage Fortified by Common Fishing Passion

It only seems fair that Luiza Barros and her partner, Captain Jimmy Nelson, use the hashtag “power couple” in every image they post on their Instagram accounts given all the large fish they catch every day.

The fisherman pair, who share a love of fishing, are enjoying their marriage both on and off the boat.

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from the beginning of the 2010s

Although Barros and her spouse have never revealed when they started dating, the couple has been together since at least 2014, according to the fish catcher’s social media account. In February 2014, the fisherwoman posted her first photo of them together.

Since then, she has routinely uploaded images of them together while referring to him as her companion in life.

However, the couple’s wedding details and dates are absent from the regular postings. So much so that their union could only be officially acknowledged when Nelson posted a photo of her on Instagram on April 3, 2021, referring to her as his “beautiful wife.”

Common Interest, According to Barros, Strengthens Relationship

On November 16, 2017, Barros granted the Boating World an exclusive interview in which she discussed her marriage.

She insisted that she and her spouse had a solid relationship. She said it was a blessing to fish and live with the Captain and that she had a very supportive partner.

She responded affirmatively when the interviewer asked if fishing assisted couples, stating that sharing a hobby gave a couple more time to talk and fortify their relationship.

The spearfishing woman said that she and her partner stay on the same page when they are catching fish, which translates to other times when they are not fishing.

Examining the couple’s social media, her assertion is confirmed. They frequently and unapologetically share photos of one another as well as glimpses into their blissful marriage and amazing fishing trips.

The Power Couple Visits Different Countries

The fishing couple goes to various locations throughout the world to catch various fish species. Fishing with Luiza, Barros’ YouTube channel, frequently records and features their fishing adventures across the world.

In addition, the exploits are broadcast on the Sportsman Channel’s Livin’ the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson program. The program debuted in January 2018.

The two have traveled to many exotic locations, including the Caribbean, Grand Cayman, Costa Rica, Florida, the Bahamas, and Mexico. They have also engaged in several adventures, including offshore and inshore fishing, lobstering, scalloping, spearfishing, and many others.