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Possible Ellen DeGeneres Show Coworker for Karen Kilgariff’s Ex-Husband

Possible Ellen DeGeneres Show Coworker for Karen Kilgariff’s Ex-Husband

Karen Kilgariff, an American author and comedian best known for producing the famous podcast My Favorite Murder, has kept the details of her sexual engagements very private.

The co-author of “Keep Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered” has spoken up about a number of personal matters, including her previous body-image problems and drug and alcohol addiction. Yet she has never spoken publicly about her romantic relationships.

While unaware of the specifics of her failed marriage, her admirers are curious about who she was married to and are aware that she is a divorcee.

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Kilgariff Made a Divorce-Related Hint

The podcast host’s wedding date and marital status are unknown, however she filed for divorce around 2013. In a tweet from November 2013, she made a joke about how going through divorce processes results in having one’s automobile repossessed, giving away the fact that she was divorcing.

Since then, the author has scarcely ever discussed her divorce.

But that was before she tweeted in July 2018 that every story about glamping should end with the phrase “glamp all you want, you’re still getting divorced.” Though it may be overreacting, there was a hint in the tweet that she and her ex-husband used to go “glamping” (a fancy term for camping).

Ex-husband Might Work With You

It has come to light that Peter S. Thompson was the author’s ex-husband.

As the divorce court petition from January 2013 came to light, it became evident. A man by the name of Peter S. Thompson filed the action in the county of Los Angeles.

A connection might be made with Kilgraff by looking at his professional connections; from 2006 to 2008, he served as the camera operator for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Fans of My Favorite Murder are aware that the American author once served as the opening act for Ellen’s stand-up comedy performances in the early 2000s.

She also contributed writing to Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now, her stand-up comedy routine. She later worked for The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2006 to 2007 as the show’s head writer, at which time Mr. Thompson was the show’s camera operator.

So, it makes sense to assume that the filmmaker is the podcaster’s ex-husband.

Looking at Peter’s Instagram account indicates that he is married to Nikki S. Thompson, with whom he has two sons:

Kilgariff appears to be still unmarried, but it’s okay because she was preoccupied with a stunning Mid-Century Ranch Home in Los Angeles.

I had a rocky exit from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It’s interesting to note that the author and Ellen DeGeneres had a falling out over an event from a writers’ strike in 2007. When she refused to cross the picket line during the strike, Ellen fired her and they never talked again.

The incident, which at the time received little attention from the general public, reappeared in March 2020. Contrary to how she appeared on screen, Ellen was actually a pretty cruel person, according to a flurry of anecdotal charges made by Ellen’s staff.

Peter departed the program a year after Kilgariff did.