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Piper Rockelle has a new beau and is back on the dating scene.

Piper Rockelle has a new beau and is back on the dating scene.

Piper Rockelle, a rising YouTube personality, is dating again, almost a year after splitting up with her ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus. She is currently dating Lev Cameron, a fellow YouTuber.

The couple has been making a lot of videos and pulling pranks on each other for their YouTube content since revealing their relationship.

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The relationship between Rockelle and Cameron began in the mid-2020s.

Rochelle began dating YouTuber Cameron on May 13, 2020, although she did not publicly declare their relationship until July 18, 2020, via an Instagram post. In the post, the Georgia native posted a photo of herself with her lover, along with a statement revealing when they started dating.

Since the announcement, the YouTuber duo has frequently appeared in each other’s social media feeds, proclaiming their mutual love.

On December 13, 2020, for example, Rockelle posted a photo on Instagram to commemorate her seven-month anniversary with Cameron. She wrote in the description of the post, “My [heart’s] [key] is in your hands. Check-in after 7 months!”

She enjoys pulling pranks on her boyfriend.

Love and trust are essential elements in any successful relationship. But, as the YouTube lovebirds demonstrate, sometimes having a good time is just as important as having a good time in a relationship.

On her YouTube channel, Rockelle is frequently seen pulling various pranks on her lover. The pranks, like their love, are not one-sided, as Cameron also pulls a few pranks on his lover.

She published a YouTube video on November 26, 2020, in which she staged a panic attack prank on her lover. She also played a sleepwalking prank on him in another case.

Her Relationship with Magnus in the Past

Rochelle formerly had a relationship with YouTuber Gavin Magnus.

They had been friends for a long time, and they used to collaborate on films and highlight each other on their YouTube channels. Furthermore, they developed an abbreviation for their relationship, Pavin, which was formed by combining their first names.

Sadly, their relationship didn’t last: Magnus disclosed that he and Rockelle had broken up in a YouTube video posted on July 24, 2019.

Similarly, in a November 24, 2019 video titled “The TRUTH behind our Break Up… (Not Clickbait) feat. Piper Rockelle,” he confessed that his relationship had become violent and obsessive, and that he had broken up with her as a result.