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Photos of Froy Gutierrez and Richard Madden have sparked gay rumors.Photos of Froy Gutierrez and Richard Madden have sparked gay rumors.

Photos of Froy Gutierrez and Richard Madden have sparked gay rumors.Photos of Froy Gutierrez and Richard Madden have sparked gay rumors.

Some of the followers he has on Twitter and Snapchat have long suspected that Teen Wolf star Froy Gutierrez is gay, but there isn’t enough solid proof to support this theory.

However, information about the Teen Wolf star’s trip to London with Scottish actor Richard Madden was made public in September 2020 by Dailymail.

It is known that Madden formerly shared a roof with gay actor Brandon Flynn from the television series 13 Reasons Why.

Madden and Gutierrez Were Spotted Together in London

In a September article from Dailymail, it was said that Guitierrez was in London visiting his friend, the actor, and Game of Thrones star Madden. The report included images of the pair going down the sidewalk with a large black garbage bag on their shoulders, carrying out the trash.

Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez emptied the trash.

With an all-black outfit, the erstwhile King Of The North from the fantasy series Game Of Thrones looked dapper as usual. He was dressed in a black top, matching black pants, and a dark denim jacket.

He was shielded from the coronavirus epidemic by the black mask covering his face, and it also helped him blend in.

The 23-year-old Gutierrez was just as attractive. He was dressed more casually than his elegant friend, wearing what seemed to be a yellow jersey shirt with a pair of faded jeans.

Later, the pair was seen leaving in a vehicle with Madden at the wheel.

Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez as seen in London.

Madden and Gutierrez Spent Lockdown Together in LA Isolation

Only a few months had passed since Gutierrez and Madden’s lockup in LA made headlines when these photos first came to light.

The Bodyguard actor spent the lockdown in isolation, according to Simon Boyle of The Sun, in Emilia Clarke’s lavish two-bedroom residence in Los Angeles.

The insider added that Madden had returned to Los Angeles a few weeks prior to the lockout after filming the newest Marvel movie, Eternals, in London. The 33-year-old legend reportedly brought his friend Gutierrez inside the magnificent house to keep him company during his solitude.

Together, they went on a picnic.

On April 11, 2021, Gutierrez and Madden, who had previously been seen together on a few occasions, were once more seen out for a picnic at Hampstead Heath in London.

The two were photographed with Marks and Spencer bags in their hands as they strolled through the charming village.

While Madden opted for a similar style, wearing a grey jumper, padded jacket, a pair of narrow jeans, and black boots, Gutierrez donned a forest green jumper, a pair of black trousers, and walking boots.

All of these specifics merely serve as a subtle signal that the two actors have been dating for some time. But until they decide to tell the truth, nothing is definite.

Is Froy Gutierrez Gay, though?

The possibility that Madden and Gutierrez may be having a covert relationship seems to attract attention, even though the fact that they were together during the lockdown is not sufficient to draw conclusions about their sexual orientation.

Even Gutierrez’s admirers are interested in how he and Madden are related.

In response to one of Richard Madden’s photos from the BLM protest in Santa Monica, a fan went out of her way to ask, “Are you dating [Richard Madden]…#LoveWins.”

Madden and Brandon Flynn once lived together.

Madden resided with Flynn in their Los Angeles home prior to being isolated with Gutierrez on the opulent estate. After Madden and his actress fiancée, Ellie Bamber, called it quits in the early months of 2019, they moved in together.

Then, when LGBT rumors spread, Madden was directly questioned by media outlets. The Eternals star declined to discuss his personal life when asked to clear the air.

Richard’s comments may not have confirmed the reports, but they were undoubtedly unabated by them.