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Pepe Aguilar Net Worth – Apart From Being A Musician, He’s Also An Actor

Pepe Aguilar Net Worth – Apart From Being A Musician, He’s Also An Actor

Pepe Aguilar is a well-known Mexican-American singer-songwriter who was born José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez. Pepe Silvestre, the son of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, gave his first concert at the age of three with his father. He, like his father, rose to popularity as a child and is now one of the most popular Latino singers. Aguilar is also an actor and has won four Grammy Awards, nineteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and five Latin Grammy Awards.

Pepe Aguilar’s excellent career in the music industry has enabled him to amass a fortune in the millions of dollars. Learn about the net worth of Pepe Aguilar, a well-known Latino singer-songwriter, as well as his revenues from numerous projects that help to sustain his expanding net worth.

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Pepe Aguilar’s Salary And Net Worth

Pepe Aguilar is a well-known singer-songwriter and actor, as previously said. He has sold over 12 million albums globally as a musician, bringing in a sizable sum to his bank account. Pepe Aguilar’s net worth was $10 million in 2015, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As a result of his growing international recognition and ongoing musical tours, Aguilar’s cash flow may have increased in later years.

Pepe Aguilar has a lucrative music career that pays him millions of dollars. Image courtesy of Pepe Aguilar on Instagram.

Learn how much Pepe Aguilar earns from his music and film careers to help support his growing net worth.

Salary from a Music Career

Pepe Aguilar, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, has sold more than 12 million CDs to date. Each of his CDs sells for at least $6 on the market around the world. Here are some of Pepe Aguilar’s most well-known albums, along with their audio CD costs.

Albums Price (As listed on Amazon in May 2021)
Lástima que sean ajenas $8.69
No Lo Había Dicho $8.69
Con Orgullo Por Herencia $27.19
100% Mexicano $12.95
Historias De Mi Tierra $29.99
15 Exitos 15 – Corridos de Caballos Famosos $24.99
Lo Mejor De Nosotros $99.99

As a result, Aguilar earns a substantial sum of money from the sale of his records, which are popular among millions of Mexican music enthusiasts around the world. Furthermore, he frequently participates in musical tours throughout the world, for which he is compensated handsomely by the organizers.

According to Digital Music News, musical touring or concerts account for about 75% of top musicians’ earnings. As a celebrity singer-songwriter, Pepe Aguilar could make a lot of money through his musical tours and live streamings.

Pepe Aguilar also collaborates with a number of other outstanding musicians on a variety of musical projects, including MTV Unplugged. He could possibly be receiving a sizable sum for his appearances on MTV unplugged.

As an actor, you can earn a lot of money.

Pepe Aguilar currently devotes his entire attention to his music career, but he does occasionally lend a hand in the Mexican film industry as an actor and film producer. Producciones Talileo and Producciones Aguila, his family’s production firms, have cast him in a couple of Mexican films. To date, he has appeared in at least 14 films, three of which have received critical acclaim.

La Sangre de un Valiente and El hijo de Lamberto Quintero or The Son of Lamberto Quintero are two of Pepe Aguilar’s most well-known acting roles. In 2015, he also created Flor Silvestre: Su Destino Fue Querer, a short documentary film. Aguilar may have received a sizable payment for his participation in those acting efforts as well.

Income from YouTube

Pepe Aguilar, like many other musicians throughout the world, has a YouTube channel where he constantly posts music videos and new music productions. Pepe Aguilar’s YouTube channel has over 2.35 million members and 1.47 billion views as of May 2021.

Pepe Aguilar’s monthly revenues from his YouTube channel are projected to range from $9.5K to $152.8K per month, and $114.6K to $1.8M per year, according to Social Blade. It undoubtedly adds a significant sum to his multi-million dollar net worth.

Profits from Business Partnerships

Pepe Aguilar gets money from his various business interests in addition to his music and acting careers. He runs Equinoccio Records, a record company with cutting-edge technology, and a recording studio in Latin America. Aguilar also owns the El Soyate ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico, which he founded in 1985.

Aguilar also has his own fashion line, Pepe Aguilar Linea de Calzado, which he started in 2009. Aguilar also produced Pepe Aguilar signature collections, which include his music CDs, sweatshirts, caps, and more, to share yet another facet of his life with his followers. The following are some of his signature collections, along with their prices.

Items Price
Pepe Aguilar – “New Classic” Logo Sweatshirt $45
Pepe Aguilar – “Nuevo Clásico” Logo Camiseta $24.99
Pepe Aguilar Troquero Cap – Denim with Logo $30
Pepe Aguilar- Mexican Up To The Bones Sweatshirt $900
Pepe Aguilar Troquero Cap- Pink and White with Brooch $600
Pepe Aguilar ‘Toro’ Traveler Thermos $30
Pepe Aguilar – ‘Toro “Steel Liquor Flask – Black $20

As a result of his growing celebrity and companies, world-renowned singer-songwriter Pepe Aguilar’s net worth is rising, making him one of the wealthiest Latino singers. His multimillion-dollar holdings are providing him and his family with all of the comforts that he and his family are entitled to as a result of his hard work.

Pepe Aguilar’s Way of Life

Pepe Aguilar’s multi-million dollar inheritance has surely provided him with the life that everyone wishes for. He lives in a millionaire’s neighborhood in the United States, where he shares property with a number of celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and The Weeknd, a well-known singer, are among his neighbors. He disclosed some insights about his renowned neighbors in a YouTube interview with The Golden Scorpion. He claimed that The Weeknd is guarded to the hilt in order to escape paparazzi. In a similar vein, Aguilar stated that when a fire broke out in his home, Kim Kardashian sent in some private firefighters.

In addition to being surrounded by celebrities, Pepe Aguilar frequently travels abroad with his family. Aguilar spends quality time with his family in luxury restaurants when he is not busy with his tours and company.

Pepe Aguilar, on the other hand, is doing his best to live his life. His famous parents must be proud of him for choosing to work for himself instead of relying on their land and money.


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