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People are wondering if Mireya Mayor of ‘Expedition Bigfoot’ ever had plastic surgery because of her lips.

People are wondering if Mireya Mayor of ‘Expedition Bigfoot’ ever had plastic surgery because of her lips.

Dr. Mireya Mayor, the star of the TV show Expedition Bigfoot, has been the subject of accusations that she had plastic surgery on her lips. People disputed whether or not the explorer received plastic surgery in the thread of one of the Reddit posts made by fans praising the episode.

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Rumors: Mireya Mayor

Mayor was assailed by several fans of the show with supposed Lip Filler rumors in a discussion in a Reddit post a year ago. Many people have commented on Mayor’s looks, particularly her fuller-looking lips, in the thread.

However, there has been no confirmation from the TV personality that the rumor is accurate.

According to the explorer’s earliest Instagram photographs from 2012, there have been no significant changes over the span of 9 years, putting the allegations to rest.

It didn’t appear to be the first time someone had made a remark about her appearance.

In her 2011 book, ‘Pink Boots and a Machete,’ the adventurer said that she has met numerous people who have assessed her based on how she looked even before they had said hello. The mayor wrote:

Not Your Average Working Mother

The explorer discussed her inspiration and challenges of her career in a 2011 interview with National Geography.

Mayor states at the outset of the interview that she began working as a field researcher in 1996. She was not yet a mother at the time, but her drive sprang from the notion that she did not want her children to lose out on the wilderness experience that she had.

In an interview with the mayor, he explained:

In the same interview, the explorer confessed that as a mother, it’s always difficult to say goodbye to your children. And, unlike a typical working mother, she is frequently absent from their lives for days, weeks, or even months at a time, with no communication, which makes things much more difficult.

However, the fact that she is doing it for her children motivates her to continue. The explorer also stated that with all she does, she hopes to inspire and drive her girls to pursue their dreams no matter how difficult they may appear and to set an example for them.