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Paul Magers of CBS, a family man with a wife and daughters at the age of 63! Salary, House

Paul Magers of CBS, a family man with a wife and daughters at the age of 63! Salary, House

Those who are fortunate enough to have success on both professional and personal levels are fortunate. However, achieving a balance between the two features isn’t as simple as it may appear. Paul Magers, a former American news anchor, is another celebrity who has had a happy married life in addition to a long and successful career.

Paul Magers is a veteran journalist who worked for KARE-TV for 20 years and CBS 2 for 13 years (officially KCBS-TV). Paul, on the other hand, recently announced his retirement from the news, stating that it was his time.

Paul Magers has announced his retirement from his working life in order to devote more time to himself and his family (29 March 2017)

Paul Magers is one of America’s top newscasters, having won multiple awards including an Emmy and a Golden Mic Award.

Biographical Information on Paul Magers (Age)

Paul Magers was born on May 15, 1954, in Santa Maria, California, but spent the majority of his youth in Ellensburg, Washington. Paul is a Washington native who graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree.

Paul then went on to Hamline University School of Law to earn his Juris Doctorate.

The career of Paul Magers: KARE-TV & CBS-2

Paul began his media career at KSTP-TV in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and later moved to Portland, where he worked as an on-air reporter for KATU-TV.

He began working as a reporter and anchor for KGTV-TV in San Diego in 1981. He returned to the Twin Cities after two years and began his 20-year career with KARE. In 2003, he returned to California and joined KCBS-TV.

It was rumored that during his stint at KCBS-TV, the network nearly doubled the anchor’s income from his previous job at KARE in the Twin Cities.

During his stint in the media, he has hosted various political discussions and participated in a variety of community activities in addition to new anchors.

Alcoholism and Retirement Issues

Paul retired from television in 2017, however, he had been off the air for a short time prior to the announcement. Paul had apparently been suffering from alcoholism for a long time but was unable to seek help. During the latter part of his career, when he finally did, every one of his family and friends rallied to his help.

As a result, he took some time away from the television to attend a treatment center in order to break his addiction. Following that, he went public with his tale in order to inspire others suffering from addiction to seek help.

He announced his retirement from CBS 2, the TV network where he was working at the time, shortly after returning from the treatment center.

Wife, Daughters, and the House of Paul Magers

With his family, the seasoned journalist maintains a low-key lifestyle. Paul is married to Kathy Magers, the details of their relationship are still a secret. He hasn’t even revealed their wedding dates, thus their relationship timeline is also shrouded in mystery.

Despite not revealing anything about his wife, he frequently speaks about his girls. Paul and his wife Kathy have two daughters, Emily and Anna.

Paul frequently tweets metaphorically about his family, and most of his tweets are about special events he shares with them. During his illness, he shared a quick jocular dialogue with his wife in which she labels him “annoying” on one of his tweets.

Furthermore, when it comes to his girls, he never misses an opportunity to share special moments with them. One of these occasions entails a group of people getting together and discussing current events.

Paul and his four children live in a Mediterranean-style mansion in Bravery Hills that he bought for $6.5 million in 2004.

Paul did admit to liking his home in Southern California with his wife and girls, which includes a courtyard and a fountain that is a pleasure to behold. Paul appears to be on his way to a wonderful, calm retirement with his wife and the house.