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Patti LaBelle’s fondest childhood memory is of her son with her ex-husband.

Patti LaBelle’s fondest childhood memory is of her son with her ex-husband.

Patti LaBelle was a legendary model who won two Grammy Awards, sold 50 million songs across several genres, and had a Philadelphia street named after her. Even so, when she considers the best memories of her life, the recall of such great achievements comes in second.

The finest moment of LaBelle’s life, she says, was giving birth to her son, Zuri Kye Edwards. In August 2021, she told Closer Weekly, “It was great.”

The ‘Stir It Up’ singer revealed that she was the maternity ward’s oldest lady. She was 29 years old, while the other girls were still teenagers, and she wondered if she’d ever return.

Giving birth, according to LaBelle, was a “frightening moment with a fantastic outcome.” While still married to her ex-husband, Armstead Edwards, the 77-year-old gave birth to her son in July 1973.

Although the birth of her kid was the most unforgettable event in her life, it was followed by some of the worst.

Patti LaBelle Suffered From Postpartum Depression.

Following the birth of her kid, LaBelle acknowledged going through a terrible period in her life. Worst of all, the musician had no idea there was a medical basis for what she was going through.

She was constantly crying and feeling like she wasn’t herself. Her friend had to step in to care for her son and provide her with much-needed support when she became overcome by emotion.

During an appearance on Oprah’s Master Class in 2015, the Philadelphia native remarked, “When women go through this, they don’t know that they’re going through postpartum depression.”

Fortunately, the experienced singer was able to snap out of her sadness on her own. In her speech, she empathized with other mothers and delivered a simple message – “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Raise the child.”

Patti LaBelle has how many children?

LaBelle has a total of five children, four of them are adopted.

After her sister Jacqueline died of brain cancer at the age of 43, she adopted her sister’s daughter Stayce and son William. In addition, she and her then-husband, Edwards, adopted two more children, Dodd and Stanley.

Leyla was born on September 15, 2017, and Gia was born on March 3, 2015. LaBelle admits that her lovely granddaughters have changed “everything” about the holidays for her.

In November 2018, she told People, “I would let them make a fool of me on holidays.” The Masked Singer singer revealed that her granddaughters would come to visit her and run amok in her house, playing with everything.

While she expected to throw a fit, LaBelle was surprised and said she would let them get away with it.

The joy of becoming a grandma will undoubtedly increase for the singer in the near future. In the fall of 2021, her son and his partner are expecting a newborn boy. LaBelle also has great expectations for finding a new husband as she waits for her grandson to arrive.

During an interview with the New York Post in 2019, she revealed that she hadn’t given up on finding love. And, by her own admission, she desired a husband rather than a boyfriend.

From 1969 through 2003, the singer was married to Edwards for 34 years. Their divorce was formalized in 2003 after they separated in 2000.