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Pancho Barraza, a 54-year-old singer, is happily married to his 14-year-old wife.

Pancho Barraza, a 54-year-old singer, is happily married to his 14-year-old wife.

Pancho Barraza, a Mexican singer, has been entertaining music fans all over the world for a long time. However, because he began his career before the advent of social media, most followers are unaware of his personal life. This is not due to a lack of relatives, but rather to his own decision.

Barraza has a large family: he has a lovely wife, children in their twenties, and even a granddaughter!

Today, we’ll take a peek at the singer’s personal life and see how his wife has supported him both professionally and personally.

Gaby Gonzalez is the Mexican singer’s wife.

While Pancho is unquestionably a wonderful performer from the golden age of music, he is more than that – he has a personal and family life as well. Pancho married Gaby Gonzalez in 2006, and the two have been together since then. On August 15, 2020, the couple will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.

There have been no documented troubles with their marriage over the years. They travel frequently and are widely regarded as happy pairs. Pancho’s wife, on the other hand, is largely unknown. She doesn’t make public appearances and doesn’t have a public social media presence.

Gonzalez was most recently seen in a 2019 interview with Aztec TV, in which she and her husband were asked about their life on Valentine’s Day.

Gaby discussed her connection with Pancho and their collaboration on music videos in the interviews.

Because Gaby prefers to keep her personal life private, such interviews are uncommon.

Pancho Barraza’s wife has appeared in some of his music videos as a model.

Even though we don’t know much about Pancho’s personal life, we do know that his wife is a model. She and her husband are true partners in the sense that their personal and professional lives are complementary.

Gonzalez appears in Pancho’s songs Exclusivo and La Fuerza Del Amor, among others. She also appeared in the singer’s most recent music video, Mis Canciones, which debuted on May 13, 2020.

Pancho Barraza is a grandfather as well as a parent.

Pancho’s family includes more than just his wife. The Mexican artist disclosed that he had ten children in an interview with TVnOTAS, one of them regrettably passed away. Aside from that, not little is known about them.

He also has a granddaughter, who was only two months old when her father died.

The fact that the majority of Pancho’s children are adults suggests that they were born before he and Gonzalez married. This indicates that they were either born to a different mother or to Gonzalez before to their marriage.