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On ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Isaac Martinez’s weight loss journey was gradual, but now he’s gone missing.

On ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Isaac Martinez’s weight loss journey was gradual, but now he’s gone missing.

Isaac Martinez, 23, is most known for his role on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. His family consists of five members: his parents, sister Angelisa, and brother Angel.

Martinez began to acquire weight during his school days and sophomore year, and as a result, he began to suffer. Martinez’s weight gain, however, was not regarded typical because he weighed around 450 pounds at the age of 16.

Despite his deep love for music, he found it impossible to continue performing in his marching band and orchestra due to his massive weight gain.

Martinez was given a full college scholarship. He dropped out of school, however, as his mother was stricken with uterine cancer. He returned home, ostensibly to care for his mother at the expense of his schooling.

Martinez’s scholarship was revoked due to his inattentiveness, and he became a regular visitor at home. As a result of all of this, he gained even more weight.

He stopped mingling and avoided making phone calls and using social media as a result of his lifestyle change. “The brightness in his eyes had gone,” his mother said.

Martinez, who had been expected to care for his cancer-stricken mother, required assistance instead. He couldn’t stand for lengthy periods of time due to his significant weight gain. Martinez, on the other hand, could still walk with the help of his family.

Despite this, Martinez continued to support his family by cooking for them on a regular basis.

Isaac Martinez’s weight gain became a health concern.

He had respiration and movement problems as a result of his substantial weight gain. Furthermore, according to Martinez, the risk of his not participating in activities like other kids meant he spent all of his time at home “eating,” which compounded his problem. Martinez noted, “My weight quickly climbed over 600 pounds.”

It wasn’t just a matter of accumulating more weight anymore. Martinez mentioned that his situation has developed into a health concern. He had been diagnosed with Lymphedema previously, but he was afterwards diagnosed with cellulitis.

Martinez and his family were engulfed in agony when the youngster was rendered comatose by antibiotics. He also went into cardiac arrest.

This traumatic experience served as a wake-up call for Martinez, who admitted that his eating habits, combined with his increasing weight, were “starting to kill me today.”

On ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Martinez did not change his ways.

Martinez did not modify his ways despite suffering greatly as a result of his condition and coming to certain realizations. He couldn’t stop eating and lacked the ambition to be in shape. On the contrary, despite health concerns, the Martinez family did not aid their son’s cause, since improper eating became the norm.

His Houston doctor advised him and his family to start getting over their problems and lose weight. Martinez’s consulting doctor advised him about the dangers and recommended that he pursue a recovery plan.

The My 600-lb Life celebrity made excuses and said he couldn’t make it to Houston every time because he didn’t have “someone to drive” him to the doctor during an online session with his doctor. He claimed that using a cab would be too expensive for his family if he came alone.

Martinez, who was meant to shed 120 pounds in a few months, ended up losing only 40. And when he was requested to shed 100 pounds in a few months, he only managed to lose 10. According to the doctor, the family’s carelessness and excessive, unhealthy eating habits were to blame.

What is Martinez doing these days?

Regrettably, we have no information on his current location. Martinez’s last known public information was that after completing his weight loss program, he would have weight loss surgery. In addition, he does not use social media.