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Olivia Louise Peart – Photos Of Neil Peart’s Daughter With Carrie Nuttall

Olivia Louise Peart – Photos Of Neil Peart’s Daughter With Carrie Nuttall

Olivia Louise Peart is the daughter of Neil Peart, a well-known drummer, and his second wife, Carrie Nuttall. She is the couple’s only child, and she is surrounded by love and affection.

Let’s take a look at Olivia Louise Peart, Neil Peart’s daughter with Carrie Nuttall, as she grows up. Learn about the tragedy that her family endured prior to her birth

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Neil Peart’s and Carrie Nuttall’s daughter

Olivia Louise Peart is the daughter of Rush drummer Neil Peart and his wife Carrie Nuttall, as previously stated. Neil and Carrie have been married for several years and have been dating since the early 2000s.

Olivia Peart, Neil Peart’s daughter, was born in 2009. In June 2009, he announced his wife’s pregnancy on his website’s News, Weather, and Sports section in an essay titled Under the Marine Layer. Peart said that his wife was expecting their first child together, although he didn’t say when the baby was due.

Furthermore, Peart and Nuttall refused to share Olivia’s precise birth date and time.

Her Father Passed Away When She Was Young

Olivia Louise Peart’s parents were highly protective of their daughter’s privacy, thus they only provided minor details about her life. As a result, the news that Neil Peart had died after battling glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, came as a shock to everyone.

Neil Peart died on January 7, 2020, almost three and a half years after being diagnosed with cancer. Olivia, his ten-year-old daughter, was with him when he died. Peart’s illness, like so much of his personal life, was kept a well-guarded secret.

Olivia’s loss of a parent at such a young age must have been devastating. She is now, however, under the care of her mother, Carrie, who must be lavishing her with affection.

Neil Peart’s Daughter Had A Sister Who Was A Year Older

Olivia is, as previously said, her parents’ only child. On her father’s side, she did have an elder half-sibling. Selena Taylor, Louise Peart’s sister, was born to her father and his first wife, Jacqueline Taylor. Neil and Jackie have been married for over two decades.

Olivia, Neil Peart’s daughter, never met her half-sister despite having a half-sister. Selena Peart Taylor died in a single-car accident approximately 12 years before Olivia was born, in August 1997.

Olivia’s father, on the other hand, suffered another tragedy a few months later, when his wife, Selena’s mother, died of cancer. Neil was greatly affected by these awful events, and he had to leave his band to recover.

Peart met Carrie, Olivia Louise’s mother, a few years later, and the two married, allowing him to continue on with his life. Neil’s determination to continue his life may have been strengthened by the birth of their daughter.

Neil Peart has left Rush to spend more time with his daughter Olivia.

Neil Peart, Olivia Louise’s father, began his career in the music industry in the late 1960s. Before retiring from music in 2015, he spent more than four decades as Rush’s drummer. In a December interview, Peart disclosed that his daughter referred to him as a “retired drummer” to her friends.

Furthermore, Neil stated that he enjoyed the sound of it and that hearing it did not bother him as much as he had anticipated. He also argued that there must be a point at which anyone can withdraw from the game. And 2015 was the right year for him.

When his daughter, Olivia Louise Peart, was little, Neil Peart resigned from his decade-long music career. Wikimedia Commons is the source of this image.

While Neil never mentioned specifically why he retired, it appears that his little daughter, who must have been around six at the time, was a big factor. He must have desired to spend his time caring for Olivia and witnessing her development.

Sadly, Neil Peart succumbed to brain cancer only five years later. Those years, though, may have been among the greatest of his life because he was always there for his daughter.

Despite his own challenges, Neil Peart was able to care for his youngest daughter for a long time. While we will never see the father-daughter duo together, we can hope that Olivia Louise Peart will come forward in the future to honor Neil’s legacy.

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