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Norm Macdonald Net Worth – Besides Being A Comedian, He’s Also A Writer And Actor

Norm Macdonald Net Worth – Besides Being A Comedian, He’s Also A Writer And Actor

Norm Macdonald is a Canadian actor, writer, and stand-up comedian known for his dry humor and deadpan delivery style. In his career, he has amassed an enormous reputation and money. Several of his fans have taken notice of his considerable success.

Macdonald’s fans all over the world want to know how much money he has. As a result, we’ve attempted to satisfy your interest by providing information about Norm Macdonald’s net worth and how he came to amass such a large wealth.

Norm Macdonald’s Salary And Net Worth

Norm began his career as a stand-up comedian in Quebec, Canada, where he was born Norman Gene Macdonald. As I indicated previously, he has had a lot of success in his profession.

Norm Macdonald’s net worth is believed to be $2.5 million as a result of his comedic career. His net worth is also $500 thousand, according to The Richest. We can tell that Norm has made millions through his work, regardless of the quantity.

Let’s have a look at how Norm accumulated such a large fortune and his earnings data.

He is A Well-Known Comedian

As previously stated, Norm began his comedy career at Yuk Yuk’s, where he performed several stand-up comedies. He then performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in 1986. He also served as a writer on the television sitcom Roseanne during the 1992-93 season. Macdonald then left his position as a writer to join Saturday Night Live.

In 1993, Norm joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, where he made impressions of Burt Reynolds, David Letterman, Larry King, Charles Kuralt, Bob Dole, Quentin Tarantino, and other celebrities. During his second season on the show, he became well-known for hosting the “Weekend Update” segment.

His appearances on “Weekend Update” were well-received, if not a little contentious. During his stint on Saturday Night Live, he frequently made jokes about high-profile personalities such as Bill Clinton, Marion Barry, and Michael Jackson, as well as a variety of controversial topics.

He then quit the show in 1998. On the other hand, Norm must have made a lot of money during his five years on Saturday Night Live.

Has appeared in a number of acting roles.

Norm is not only a comedian but also an actor who has been in a number of films. The films he has starred in must have helped him amass a sizable sum of money. Those films were enormous hits, grossing a lot of money at the box office.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, below are some of the films in which Norm has starred and their box office grosses.

Movies Box-office Collection
Billy Madison $25.6M
The People vs. Larry Flynt $20.2M
Dr. Dolittle $144.2M
Dirty Work $10M
Man on the Moon $34.6M
Screwed $7M
Dr. Dolittle 2 $113M
Jack and Jill $74.2M

Aside from this, Norm has voiced in a number of films, which must have increased his net worth. He has also been in a number of television series in addition to movies.

In the year 2000, Norm made his debut appearance on television as Death on Family Guy. He was cast as the title role in the Fox sitcom A Minute with Stan Hooper three years later. The sitcom, however, was terminated after six episodes.

Norm has also appeared in shows such as My Name Is Earl, Sunnyside, Girlboss, The Middle, Skylanders Academy, The Orville, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and more. An actor’s average compensation is $58,176, so Macdonald’s must have been comparable, if not greater.

He Started His Own Business

In 1999, Norm and Bruce Helford co-created The Norm Show, a sitcom. He also appeared as a co-star in the show, which was eventually renamed “Norm.” Laurie Metcalf, Ian Gomez, and Artie Lange starred in the three-season ABC series. On the comedic website Super Deluxe, he has created an animated series called The Fake News.

In September 2006, Macdonald released Ridiculous, a sketch comedy album through Comedy Central Records. Artie, Molly Shannon, Jon Lovitz, Will Ferrell, and Tim Meadows were among the celebs who appeared on the CD.

Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, a sports counterpart of The Daily Show, launched on April 12, 2011, after Norm conceived it with Norm Macdonald in 2010. His first stand-up special, Me Doing Stand-Up, premiered on Comedy Central in March 2011.

In addition, in 2013, the former SNL cast member established Norm Macdonald Live, a podcast he co-hosted with Adam Eget. The program was broadcast live on Video Podcast Network every week and afterward uploaded on YouTube. It lasted three seasons and must have brought Macdonald’s a sizable chunk of money.

Additionally, Norm Macdonald Has a Program, a chat show presented by Norm, aired on Netflix in September 2018. He must have made a lot of money from the shows because they were huge hits.

The shows that Norm Macdonald has created and performed in may have improved his net worth over the years.

Has also appeared in commercials.

Aside from acting in films and television shows, the multi-talented actor and comedian have also appeared in commercials. In 2006, he worked as a voice actor in advertisements for Bell Mobility, a Canadian telecommunications firm. In addition, in 2007 and 2008, he voiced a character for AT&T commercials.

Norm began working as a spokesperson for Safe Auto Insurance Company in 2012. In addition, in 2015, he appeared in multiple KFC ads as Colonel Sanders. For his appearances in these advertisements, Norm Macdonald must have been well compensated.

Norm Macdonald’s net worth may appear lower than expected based on his work and accomplishment. However, given his continued dedication to his profession, there is no question that his fortune will greatly improve.

Have You Ever Had A Serious Gambling Addiction?

Norm’s significant gambling problem reached a boiling point during his time on Saturday Night Live. When he won a six-figure sum in Atlantic City, his addiction began. He was said to travel straight to Atlantic City after recording his part and gamble into the wee hours of the morning.

When he moved into a building with a casino in the lobby, things got even worse. Macdonald later said that his SNL pays only allowed him to save $200,000 in total. He said that the biggest money he had ever lost in one go was $400,000.

Furthermore, as a talented poker player, Norm finished 20th out of 827 competitors in the 2007 World Series of Poker No-Limit Texas Hold’em event. He also received a prize of $14,000.

Norm’s gaming habit may have taken a toll on his finances. However, with his continued professional triumphs, he may have been able to hide the ding.

Norm Macdonald’s Way of Life

Norm Macdonald’s net worth is projected to be $2.5 million, as previously indicated. With that kind of money, it’s hardly surprising that he lives a comfortable and opulent lifestyle. In Santa Monica, California, he lives happily with his family.

Norm Macdonald might be able to live a pleasant and opulent existence. Ferne Macdonald’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Norm, the gifted comedian, sold his Santa Monica condo for $2.2 million in 2015. In 2008, he paid $1.75 million for the home, which included 1,630 square feet of living space and seaside views. As a result, he may have benefited from the transaction.

In 2015, he bought another house in Playa Vista for $750,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Norm Macdonald may have paid a substantial amount in taxes and must also have a strong insurance policy in place to protect his assets.

Norm, on the other hand, maybe living a wonderful life.

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