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Noel Gugliemi

Facts of Noel Gugliemi

Full Name: Noel Gugliemi
Gender: Male
Profession: entertainment
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Noel Gugliemi is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector. He is most recognized for his role as Hector in the Fast and Furious franchise, in which he played a gangster. However, Noel’s on-screen persona is diametrically opposed to his off-screen persona: in real life, he is friendly, loving, and down to earth.

His remarkable job performance and commitment have not gone unnoticed. Noel has received widespread acclaim for his blossoming acting career in films. Some of his most well-known films include Training Day, Bruce Almighty, The Dark Night Rises, Fresh Off the Boat, and Purge Anarchy.

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Noel has contributed his performance to many of the blockbuster movies during the 1990s, mostly in the roles of criminals and gangsters. His career began with the film Get Real, and he reached the pinnacle of popularity when he was cast as Hector in the 2001 blockbuster The Fast and the Furious. Mayans MC, Pocket Listing, Furious 7, and a few other TV programs and movies are among his limited acting credits.
In 2019, the Santa Monica native will begin filming Lazarus, an action-drama crime film.

He is also committed to producing, writing, digital content production, and comedy in addition to acting. In addition, he is a frequent speaker who currently delivers sermons at churches.

As of 2019, Noel’s net worth is believed to be around $750 thousand due to his active involvement in practically every aspect of the entertainment industry. He was even invited to join the Academy of Modern Picture Arts and Science in 2017 for his outstanding contributions to Hollywood.

Wife and kids

Noel is a proud husband and father, which should satisfy all of his followers’ curiosity.

He is blissfully married to Tomasa, his lovely wife. She met Noel after her breakup with her previous partner, and the two began dating soon after. Following their wedding, they were blessed with a daughter, Noelle, who is now an adult. Her birthday is April 4th.

Fans are curious about Noel’s relationship with his wife. In a 2016 interview with Donna Clayton, he and his wife, however, spilt the beans about their marriage and love story.

Noel was the one who proposed Tomasa, according to the interview. He was on the verge of losing his mind when he met his wife. Tomasa impressed him because he valued him as a person rather than a celebrity.

Noel’s humility and faith in God, on the other side, captivated his wife Tomasa. Despite Tomasa’s terrible past (she had been abused by her partner and worked as a club dancer), he still desired to be with her. The couple developed a close bond as a result of this, and in November 2008, they married.

Parents’ bios

Noel, the Hollywood on-screen gangster, was born in Santa Monica, California on November 12, 1975. His current age is 44, and he has a hulk-like appearance with a bald head and mustache. He stands about 1.77 meters tall.

Noel Albert Gugliemi is the son of an Italian-American father and an American-Mexican mother. His real name is Noel Albert Gugliemi. However, little else is known about his parents other than the fact that his mother has cancer and has been battling it for more than a decade.

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Despite the fact that Noel tweeted a photo of himself and his mother discussing about her illness a year ago in January, he hasn’t posted anything new about her since then. As a result, little is known regarding his mother’s condition. He is a follower of Christianity.