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Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur – Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Son With Ex-Partner Jamie Mazur

Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur – Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Son With Ex-Partner Jamie Mazur

Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur, the son of Brazilian supermodel and actress Alessandra Ambrosio, was born in Florianopolis, Brazil, in May 2012. Noah is the older brother of Ambrosio’s sister, Anja Louise, who was born in the year 2018. Noah is the youngest kid of Ambrosio with her former fiancee Jamie Mazur.

Alessandra Mazur, the delighted mother of two lovely children, married businessman Jamie Mazur in 2008. However, due to unforeseen disagreements, the former lovers called off their ten-year engagement on March 17, 2018.

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Noah’s 6-Year-Old Birthday Bash

On May 8, 2018, the lovely Victoria Secret model and mother of Noah Phoenix posted a birthday wish for her son Noah Phoenix on Instagram. Only a few friends and family members attended the little birthday celebration. Noah looked thrilled on his sixth birthday, decked up in an amazing Black and White Ninja costume.

The proud mother has always thrown lavish parties and made elaborate plans for her son’s birthday. In honor of Noah’s special day, the couple opted to keep Noah’s sixth birthday small and unique. Noah had streamers with his name on them, as well as large jars full of sweets for everyone at the party to enjoy. The recipe for a perfect birthday, according to the gorgeous mother Alessandra, is cake, candles, and cuddles from your loved ones.

Noah enjoys modeling with his mother.

Victoria’s Secret model Anja Ambrosio Mazur is a loving mother to two small children, Noah Phoenix and Anja Ambrosio Mazur.

Despite his young age, Noah, who is six years old, has a passion for photography and modeling. Noah is also following in his mother’s footsteps by attempting to build a reputation for himself in the modeling world, much like his model. Alessandre was dressed in an elaborate flowery ruffled kaftan, with her darling babies as accessories, and her gorgeous features were complemented with radiant cosmetics for a breathtaking Harper’s Bazaar image.

Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur is a baby name with a lot of meaning.

The wonderful name “Noah” is both a given name and a surname in Hebrew, and it is most likely originated from the Biblical figure Noah. The name “nukhu” comes from the Babylonian and Assyrian word “nukhu,” which meaning “repose of rest.” Aside from that, the gorgeous name could also mean “comfort” or “long-lived” and refers to a biblical character who builds the ark to survive the flood.


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