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Nikki Simpson

Facts of Nikki Simpson

Full Name: Nikki Simpson
Gender: Female
Profession: art
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People use various forms of art to express their feelings. Nikki Simpson, likewise, chose tattoos to express her creativity on the skins of her clients. She enters a meditative state during tattooing because she is able to pour her heart and soul into the work of art.

Nikki rose to prominence after appearing in the eighth season of the Spike television show Ink Master. Despite finishing fifth in the competition, she wowed the globe with her abilities and became known as one of the top tattoo artists in the country.

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The Ink Master’s Fame for Nikki

Ink Master is the show that transformed Nikki’s life permanently by allowing the rest of the world to recognize her. She’d done some amazing work on the show and received a lot of accolades. She had three attractive girlfriends in the program because of her celebrity. Despite the fact that the show was full of squabbles, she and her three ladies stood unified among the other contenders.

These four came up with the idea to establish a new show, Ink Masters: Angels, after the show. The girls in the show traveled from city to city in search of the best tattoo artists in each city. Each city’s finalist would compete with one of the angels to see who could produce the best work. Gia Rose, one of the show’s angels, had to quit the show and would never be seen on television again due to a cancer diagnosis.

Apart from the screens, she is working from the Grit N Glory tattoo shop in New York to add additional tattoos to her book. She also posts pictures of her work on Instagram, where she has 170,000 followers.

The Tattoo Angle’s Tattoo Addiction

Nikki, 27, claims she’s been creating art since she was old enough to grasp a pencil. Her love of art inspired her to get her first tattoo at the age of 19. She now adores her job so much that she refuses to let her tattoo leave the business. The artist adores how deeply connected her clients are to their tattoos. She is inspired to offer her best when there are tales and emotions behind the art.

Her physique is like a canvas on which the artist has painted a masterpiece. Her body is entirely covered in the finest tattoo art, which perfectly complements her personality.

Nikki’s Musician Boyfriend Nikki’s Romance

Tim Goergen, the vocalist for Within The Ruins, is also covered with tattoos. The tattoos on their bodies reveal a connection between the two. Perhaps their resemblance is what will lead Nikki to choose Tim as her life partner if she has millions to spare.

It’s been two years since the two have been best friends and companions. She expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend on their second relationship anniversary, adding that Tim has been a godsend in her life and that his presence has transformed her into a better woman. She expresses her gratitude for his patience with her in all of her antics and says she can’t wait to make life plans with him.

Biography of Nikki Simpson

She was born on September 2nd, 1991, and celebrates her birthday on September 2nd. She was born in Los Angeles, California, according to wiki. On her Instagram, she can be seen expressing her love for her parents. On Mother’s Day in 2017, she shared a photo of her family and expressed how special they are.

Her Instagram photos also reveal a big weight decrease. Her vibrant tattoos are enhanced even more by the addition of curves to her physique.