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Nick Robinson and Samantha Urbani live together

Nick Robinson and Samantha Urbani live together

Fans have asked, “Is Nick Robinson gay?” since he played a gay role in Love, Simon. When promoting the movie, the actor appeared on The Ellen Show and declared he was straight.

Robinson just moved forward in his relationship. He told her he’d moved to LA.

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LL Cool J’s daughter’s prom date was Nick Robinson

Robinson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new Netflix program, Maid. They discussed Robinson’s love life, starting with him bringing LL Cool J’s daughter to prom.

As he sat down, the up-and-coming actor confessed he knew the rapper. LL Cool J’s daughter Samaria was Robinson’s prom date.

“Well, that’s a hazardous move,” Kimmel said on cue. “It was horrifying.”

Robinson complimented the rapper for being sympathetic to a fearful teen, contrary to expectations. After briefly discussing Robinson’s childhood in Los Angeles, Kimmel brought up his present relationship.

LL Cool J is not related to Nick Robinson’s girlfriend.

Jurassic World star said his girlfriend isn’t linked to LL Cool J’s family. Samantha Urbani is her name, he said.

Robinson and his girlfriend Samantha live in LA. He also said that his partner liked Janet Jackson.

She was such a Jackson lover that the couple bought a mid-90s massage chair with a tape deck.

Urbani, like most of us, was looking for pastimes during the shutdown and liked internet auctions. She was lucky since a Jackson auction was similar to her yard sale.

Robinson later said it was a multi-day event, but his girlfriend wanted a sweater. It comes with a Jackson photo.

After three days, the sweatshirt eventually came up, but someone else bought it for $4000.

Robinson tried to console her because he was her lover. After a few more products, he asked, “You want that?”

She heard something else. “You want it!” They bid on the massage chair without thinking. They won the bid and now have the chair in their living room.

In the same episode, Robinson offered the chair for sale.