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Nicholas Hamilton Discusses Coming Out as Gay and Publicly Advertizing His Sexuality

Nicholas Hamilton Discusses Coming Out as Gay and Publicly Advertizing His Sexuality

On January 18, 2021, Nicholas Hamilton spoke out about his coming-out story in an interview with Stay Vibrant magazine.

Hamilton has always identified as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, despite being an openly gay actor.

The journalist inquired about how it felt to embrace his sexual orientation in front of his parents and the general public. The 21-year-old actor responded that he was fortunate to have a dull coming-out tale.

The Story of Nicholas Hamilton’s Coming Out

Hamilton grew up in a fairly accepting environment in Lismore, Australia, however, he believes that Australia is behind the times on such delicate issues.

The welcoming group made it easier for him to become his genuine self.

And, thanks to his understanding parents, Craig Hamilton and Vicki Atkins, being gay was as natural to him as being straight. His parents, as well as his extended family and friends, embraced him passionately.

Thankfully, when he relocated to LA for his professional endeavors, the support for his decision only grew stronger.

Nicholas Hamilton does not wish for his proclivity to be defined by it.

The IT actor makes sure that his love preferences aren’t the most important aspect of his personality.

That’s why he’s never bothered to come out as gay in public or embellish his tale in any way.

He understands that a simple internet search fulfills the curiosity of his fans.

For the world to progress on the correct path, Hamilton feels gender identities should be less important.

He maintains his conviction and claims that he would never make an issue of his tendency. He’d never write a seven-paragraph essay about his coming-out experience.

In a nutshell, the Lismore native wishes for normalcy, not only for persons of various sexual orientations but also for people of many colors and genders.

During Pride Month 2020, he advocated for the Black Lives Matter movement, identifying himself as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community.

On June 1, 2020, Hamilton took to Twitter to demand justice for George Floyd.

Nicholas Hamilton and His Boyfriend Are Divorcing in 2020

With TV shows like Love, Victor, and Action Royale, as well as the release of his debut single ‘Different Year’ on January 10, 2021, Hamilton’s acting and singing career is reaching new heights.

His personal life, like his burgeoning career, is full of twists and turns.

In 2019, the Captain Fantastic actor was in a relationship with Mihali Sergakis after being single since November 4, 2017. With his boyfriend, he attended the red carpet premiere of It Chapter Two.

It’s unclear how long Hamilton dated Mihali, but he said during his interview with Stay Vibrant that he had two break-ups in 2020. He did not, however, mention either of his boyfriends.

He claimed the mid-quarantine splits taught him a lot about himself and the types of individuals he wanted to hook up with.

Hamilton exclaimed that he had learned to prevent himself from succumbing to every attraction after revealing that he used to fall in love quickly.