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Neal McDonough’s Wife Ruve McDonough, Married To Him Since December 2003

Neal McDonough’s Wife Ruve McDonough, Married To Him Since December 2003

Neal McDonough is an actor and producer noted for his work in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, Boomtown, etc. Because he refuses to undertake pornographic scenes, his career had suffered a substantial downflow.

Despite the fall, McDonough is a happy man with a lovely wife, Ruve McDonough, and a doting father of five adorable children. We hear lots about the Suits star, but we know very little about his companion and her whereabouts.

Therefore, here is everything you need to know about Neal McDonough’s wife, Ruve McDonough. Read until the conclusion to find amazing facts about the McDonough marriage.

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Born To Pam Dreyer-Robertson and Her Husband

As said previously, Neal McDonough has created a big name for himself as an actor, voice actor, and producer. However, his wife, Ruve, is no lesser talented than him as well.

Born to Pam Dreyer-Robertson and her husband who Neal referred to as Papa Robbie, Ruve must have had a happy childhood with her brother Ryan Robertson.

According to Robert’s Facebook, he also resides in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Ruve also seemed to be quite close to her mother and wished her mother Mother’s day in 2016.

Unfortunately, Ruve’s father passed away the same year, i.e., December 20, 2016. Her husband, Neal, wrote a loving homage to his father-in-law, adding, “My best friend/love/wife lost her Dad today.”

Neal further commented that Ruve’s father was ‘truly his other Dad!” He further told that Papa Robbie died at age 68. Death is the final end of human beings, and accepting death and loving their memories is the fate of those who live.

Hence, Neal McDonough’s spouse, Ruve McDonough, must have accepted her father’s memories and honored his life.

Besides having a beautiful childhood and family, Ruve McDonough also experienced a successful modeling career.

Former Bikini Model & Producer

Although Ruve McDonough rose to popularity as Neal McDonough’s wife, she had previously acquired a name as Ruve Robertson, a bikini model from South Africa. Moreover, she seems to have disclosed very little information about her childhood and prior employment.

However, Ruve attended Empangeni High School on the east coast of South Africa. Besides, she also published a couple of images of herself and her friends probably wearing bikinis in 2017. Unfortunately, she did not disclose when the shot was taken, but she is beaming with her companions.

Ruve has retired from her modeling career and has entered her partner’s forte, producing. Yes, according to Ruve McDonough’s IMDb, she is currently working as a producer for Boon. Likewise, she also enjoys AppleBox and has been in the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2005.

Standing tall at 6’3″, Ruve might as well enter into the performing business straight after. As of now, let’s see how Ruve and Neal McDonough’s relationship blossomed.

First Met While Neal Was Filming Band Of Brothers

Do you believe in love at first sight? If not, let Neal McDonough alter your opinion.

The McDonough duo accidentally met in 2000 while Neal was filming Band of Brothers at the time. He further claims that he fell for Ruve the instant he initially locked eyes with her. During an interview in 2004, Neal also explained that they stumbled into one another on St. Patrick’s Day.

Similarly, when chatting to LA Magazine, Neal also revealed that he mistakenly blurted out ‘You’re tall’ the first time he saw Ruve. In an Instagram post on March 17, 2017, Neal published a beautiful post that started with, “17 years ago in this very wonderful day of St Patrick’s Day.”

Sadly, Ruve’s husband, Neal, was in a relationship with another lady at the time. Thus he called his prior girlfriend and broke up with her saying, “I’m sorry, it’s not going to work out with us anymore – I just met the woman I’m going to marry.” Ouch!

Moreover, Neal obliquely admitted that he doesn’t do the adult scenes because he is a Christian man who puts his God and family first. As a result, they are married with five kids and almost two-decades-long marriage.

Got Hitched In December 2003

After three years of their first encounter in 2000, Ruve and Neal McDonough got married on December 1, 2003. It must have been a wonderful ceremony, but their honeymoon was a BLAST. It lasted seven weeks in Cape Cod, London, South Africa, Santa Barbara, etc.

Neal, even today, appreciates his wife via his Instagram posts. On their 13th anniversary, he tweeted a wonderful tribute claiming he married his closest friend, love, and partner in life. Ruve’s husband further thanked Lord for the best gift a man could ever have.

Moreover, Mrs. Ruve McDonough gave birth to her first kid, Morgan Patrick McDonough, on November 28, 2005, followed by their second child, Catherine Maggie McDonough, on May 14, 2007. Likewise, the pair had their third child, a daughter, London Jane McDonough, on January 11, 2010.

A year later, Neal’s sweetheart gave birth to Clover Elizabeth McDonough on August 5, 2011, and their youngest child, James Hamilton McDonough, was born on March 31, 2014. Well, the family of seven lives happily in LA.

Interestingly, Ruve McDonough’s husband, Neal, grew up in a big family, a family of six species. Thus, the McDonough house must be a stimulating place to be.

Neal McDonough’s wife Ruve McDonough is now a loving mother and a fitness enthusiast. Therefore, we want to hear more of her in the future and see their love flourish till they grow grey together.

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