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Facts of MyKayla Brooke Skinner Harmer

Full Name: MyKayla Brooke Skinner Harmer
Birth Date: December 9, 1996
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Height: 5 feet 0 inches (1.52m)
HusbandJonas Harmer (m. 2019)
Net Worth$ 100 thousand – $ 1 million
Birth PlaceGilbert, Arizona
EducationSenior International Elite
FatherCris Skinner
MotherKym Skinner
SiblingsTwo older sisters(Katie Skinner, Chelsea Skinner) and an older brother (Jeremy Skinner)
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MyKayla Skinner (pronounced mick-ay-la) is a former NCAA gymnast who has spent her entire life effortlessly flipping and rolling on the floor.

She is an artistic gymnast from the United States who won a gold medal for her country at the 2014 World Championships. She took bronze in the vault and fourth in the floor exercise at the same Championship.

MyKyala has progressed from a mid-level gymnast to one of the best in the United States. She earned 10 medals in her senior career at the USA Gymnastics National Championships.

Appearance of MyKayla Skinner

MyKayla has the face of a small angel, with delicate features. She is 5 feet 0 inches (152 cm) tall and weighs 47 kilograms.

Skinner has a petite, oval face and beautiful brown ombre hair, which is ideal for the look. She also has those stunning blue eyes that make her stand out from the crowd.

Early Years | MyKayla Skinner

Cris Skinner and Kym Skinner welcomed their first child on December 9, 1996. She has three older siblings and they lived in Gilbert, Arizona.

Chealsea Skinner and Katie Skinner, her two older sisters, are both former gymnasts. Her older brother’s name is Jeremy Skinner.

Mykayla is a member of the Mormon Church, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LSD).

Background in Education

Mykayla Skinner was a freshman at Higley High School in 2011. She was, however, homeschooled beginning in 2012.

After that, in November 2014, Skinner signed a contract with The University of Utah to become a collegiate gymnast in 2015. Finally, in 2016, she was selected for the 2016 Summer Olympics in the United States.

Gymnastics as a profession

For Myself
Kayla Skinner’s awards and achievements speak for themselves. The ever-glistening gymnast is most renowned for her tough vault routines.

Because she had previously completed both Amanar and Cheng vaults, her immaculate floor performances, which include the Moors and Silvas in the same routine, are equally crucial.

Juinor Years | MyKayla Skinner

Skinner began his gymnastics career with the Desert Lights Gymnastics in Chandler, Arizona. During that time, she was directly trained by Lisa Spini, the club’s head coach.

She can also train with different coaches like Tom Farden and Bruce McGhee.

MyKayla Skinner won the individual all-around title for juniors at the 2011 American Classic.

She finished second on the vault and eighth in the all-around at the National Championships after that. She was then named to the Junior National Team of the United States of America.

Senior Years | MyKayla Skinner

MyKayla had refined herself by handling all of the upcoming events with the same grace and class she shown on the dance floor.

The year 2012 has arrived.

Skinner’s senior years began in 2012, when she joined the senior national team of the United States. She was also a member of the United States’ winning team at the City of Jesolo Trophy in March.

Skinner competed in the US Nationals three months after his victory. She placed third on the vault and 15th overall at the end of the competition.

The gymnast is projected to be a key member of the US Women’s Olympic Team in 2012. She was, however, not selected to compete in the Olympic Trials.

The Calendar Year 2013

Skinner competed in the Fiesta Bowl in early 2013. Except for the floor exercise, where she placed seventh, she had won every event.

She competed in the P&G Championships once again, finishing third on the vault and floor. In addition, she finished in sixth position overall.

In March, Skinner won gold in both vault and floor exercise, and she finished fourth in the all-around at the City of Jesolo Trophy.

She also competed in the City of Jesolo Trophy, where she was a member of the winning squad.

In August and September, MyKayla competed in the Pan American Championships in Mississauga, Canada.

Skinner contributed to the American team’s first-place finish in the team competition.

Skinner took first place in the individual score for all-around and vault, scoring 56.850 and 15.037, respectively.

However, she finished eighth on the balance beam with a score of 13.475 but first on the floor with a score of 14.750.

Skinner was also chosen to compete in the 2014 World Championships, which will be held in Nanning, China.

For the team competition, Skinner had a score of 15.775 in the vault and 14.666 on the floor. As a result, the United States won the gold medal.

Skinner, on the other hand, received the bronze medal in the vault with a score of 15.366 in the individual counting at the event’s conclusion.

She finished fourth in the floor exercise final with a score of 14.700. Aliya Mustafina, who scored 14.733, took third place (bronze).

2015 is the year

Skinner began the 2015 season on March 7, 2015, when he competed in the AT&T American Cup in Arlington, Texas. She came in second place behind Simone Biles with a score of 57.832.

Skinner competed in the US Secret Classic on July 25 despite a recent ankle injury. She then placed 7th in the all-around with a 55.500 points.

Due to her many fall-backs in the event, Skinner stood on the 12th. On the beam, Skinner did a full series of back-handspring tucks.

Aside from that, she had a flawless ride on the balance beam, scoring a 12.800. For the floor exercises, she also demonstrated her Moors (double-twisting and double layout) and Silvas (double-twisting and double tuck) strategies.

In order to prevent her ankles from further injury, she diluted her final two tumbling passes.

Skinner collapsed on her double tuck and received a poor 13.500 as she stood on the ninth from her 6.3 start value.

Her 15.100 on the Cheng vault and 14.800 on the double-twisting Yurchenko, which averaged 14.950, earned her second place. With a more harder routine and an acceptable score of 14.100, Skinner placed tenth in the bar.

P&G Championships 2015

On August 13 and 15, MyKayla Skinner and 2014 Worlds teammate Alyssa Baumann competed in the 2015 P&G Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With a two-night total of 115.700, they finished seventh in the all-around behind Simone Biles, Maggie Nichols, Aly Raisman, Bailie Key, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian.

Skinner began her night with the vault, getting 15.150 on her Cheng vault and 14.800 on her double-twisting Yurchenko, for a total of 14.975 points.

She received a 13.650 on the uneven bars due to transition troubles and a lack of handstands.

On the balance beam, Mykayla received a decent 14.350. She had nailed her whole back-handspring tuck series and had a slight hop on her double tuck dismount at this point.

She received a low 6.2 and a score of 14.350 for her performance on the floor.

Her Moors (double-double layout), Silvas (double-double tuck), a layout 3/2 through a layout 5/2, and a tucked full-in all demonstrated her high degree of difficulty.

She finished the night in seventh place overall, with 57.500 points.

2nd Night

Skinner had handstand troubles and the same form on the uneven bars as Night 1. As a result, she finished 16th overall with a score of 13.700 and a total of 27.350.

Mykayla had improved her connections to a 6.0 start value, but she had a minor wobble on her characteristic back-handspring tuck full sequence.

She was paired with Raisman on the seventh with a score of 14.350, the same as on night one, for a total of 28.700.

On the event of the floor, Skinner and Key came in third and fourth, respectively, behind Raisman and Biles.

She got a solid credited start of 6.5 with a score of 14.800, totaling 29.150, compared to her past performances.

Skinner’s Cheng vault received a 15.350 and her double-twisting Yurchenko received a 14.950.

With an average vault score of 15.150 and a total of 30.125, she finished second behind Biles.

Mykayla Skinner was invited to the 2015 Worlds Selection Camp after being nominated to the Senior National Team in September 2015.

She has another camp scheduled for early October after that. On October 8, Skinner was chosen as an alternate for the United States team at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

She, on the other hand, was not required to participate or compete for the qualifiers.

2016 is a new year

Skinner finished eighth in the 2016 U.S. National Championships after winning a silver medal on vault and a bronze medal on floor exercise.

Skinner finished her senior year with a total of nine medals at the United States National Championships.

She finished fourth in the all-around at the US Olympic Trials after that. Finally, at the 2016 Olympics, Skinner was added to the roster as a backup to Ashton Locklear and Ragan Smith.

Collegiate | MyKayla Skinner

In November 2014, Skinner signed a National Letter of Intent to play for the University of Utah and the Utah Red Rocks program.

She later deferred her enrolment at Utah by a year to focus on her 2016 Olympic Championship.

“MyKayla Skinner is one of the best gymnasts in the world with the ability to get even better owing to her passion for the sport,” said Utah coach Greg Marsden.

She enjoys flipping and twisting.”

Georgia Dabritz and Tory Wilson stepped in to fill the void left by the senior student’s graduation.

Shannon McNatt, MaKenna Merrell, and Erika Muhaw, together with MyKayla Skinner, were among the four gymnasts recruited by Utah.

2016-2017 season

MyKayla enrolled at the University of Utah in 2016 as a member of the NCAA women’s gymnastics team and competed in the all-around after postponing a year.

After winning 43 events as a freshman, Skinner was named Pac-12 champion in the individual all-around, vault, and floor exercise.

At the NCAA Championship, Skinner finished second in the individual all-around with a score of 39.6125, behind Florida’s Alex McMurtry.

She finished fifth on vault and seventh on balance beam in the same championship.

With a 9.9625, she was named co-national champion on floor exercise alongside LSU’s Ashleigh Gnat.

After that, she led Utah to fifth place in the team competition finals.

Skinner led Utah to second place in the PAC-12 Championships in 2017-2018, completing all 54 routines without failing.

She shared first place in the all-around with UCLA’s Kyla Ross in the individual competitions.

She also took first place on the floor exercise alongside UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi and Stanford’s Elizabeth Price.

Aside from that, MyaKyla finished second in the all-around at the 2018 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships, trailing Maggie Nichols of Oklahoma.

In the same event, she placed first on vault alongside Oklahoma’s Brenna Dowell and Florida’s Alex McMurtry.

2018-2019 season

Skinner finished second in the all-around and team finals at the PAC-12 Championships. She won gold and vaulted after getting her third perfect 10 of her career on floor exercise.

Skinner, on the other hand, set a new record in the Regional Finals when she fell on the uneven bars. Despite this, she finished all 161 of her usual streaks without missing a beat.

Despite obtaining the second-highest vault and floor exercise scores, she finished fifth at the NCAA Championship due to a tie for first place among four gymnasts.

To make matters worse, she finished ninth in the all-around after a poor beam routine.

She also led Utah to fourth place in their semifinal, but they were unable to proceed to the Final Four.

Elite Gymnastics | MyKayla Skinner

Skinner confirmed her return to Elite Gymnastics on April 25, 2019, with plans to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

The June national team training camp was Skinner’s first official program at the highest level in 2019.

In July, Skinner debuted in top competition with performances on the vault, beam, and floor at the US GK Classic.

With a 14.900 for her Amanar, she tied for second place in the single vault after Simone Biles and Jade Carey.

She also finished 11th and 14th on the beam and floor, respectively.

Skinner competed in every event on the opening night of the 2019 U.S. National Championships.

She finished the night in ninth place, tied with Grace McCallum for ninth.

She finished seventh in the all-around on day two of the competition and took bronze on vault behind Simone Biles and Jade Carey.

Despite falling off the balancing beam during her performance, Skinner qualified for the National Team.

In September, Skinner competed in the US World Championships trials, finishing fourth behind Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, and Kara Eaker.

On bars and beam the next day, she finished fourth behind Biles, Eaker, and Morgan Hurd.

MyKayla Skinner was chosen to compete alongside Biles, Lee, Eaker, Jade Carey, and Grace McCallum in the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart. She was the first in the squad to secure the gold medal after her podium training with the US women.

The year 2020 is a significant milestone.
Skinner, along with Emily Lee, Lilly Lippeatt, and Faith Torrez, was picked for the International Gymnix event in Montreal in March.

She finished second in the individual all-around behind Lee, and she led the US team to gold.

Svetlana Vasilyevna Khorkina lowered her Cheng at the same event, but she won for her vault, uneven bars, and floor tiles in the event finals.

Due to the global virus COVID 19, the 2020 Olympics were postponed on March 26. “I am still preparing for the Olympics but taking things one day at a time!” Skinner wrote on Instagram.

Love Life | MyKayla Skinner

MyKayla met her life’s love, Jonas Harmer, in college at Utah and Harmer at BYU, through MyKayla’s best friend Emma.

They began communicating and remained in a relationship for a few months.

According to the source, Harmer proposed to her following her junior year of college when she was practicing at Desert Lights Gymnastics in Chandler.

Harmer was working as a sales representative in California at the time.

She did, however, make an official announcement about her engagement and marriage after returning from the World Championships in Germany.

The couple married on November 14, 2019, and spent their honeymoon in Thailand; since then, they’ve been charming and unbreakable.

Similarly, the pair is spotted vacationing in several destinations while Skinner is seen in a swimsuit with Jonas.

Jonas Harmer is a keeper, according to MyKayla Skinner, who added, “He’s one of my biggest fans.” When I’m having a rough day, I know I can count on him.”

MyKayla Skinner’s Salary and Net Worth

Skinner has a net worth of $1 million, according to information from 2022. Her pay, however, has not been revealed.

She doesn’t have a car or a property registered in her name. Nonetheless, through her social media, we can see how opulent her lifestyle is.

MyKayla Skinner | Why was she so despised at one point?

MyKayla Skinner, a University of Utah junior, experienced the unthinkable at an NCAA regional gymnastics meet a year ago: she fell on the hard bars.

In gymnastics, falls are fairly common, but Skinner never falls in competition.

This was her first miss in NCAA play, ending a 161-hit streak that was the longest in collegiate history.

Skinner’s round was practically faultless the rest of the way, but it didn’t matter.

She swiftly bowed and rejoined her team after docking her dismount, her face flat but lacking the post-routine exuberance that NCAA gymnastics is known for.

Given the severity of the fall, her reaction was remarkably stoic—but MyKayla Skinner was not about to let the naysayers see her cry.

The Internet and Social Media

The picture-perfect gymnast is active on social media and even has her own YouTube channel.

She keeps in touch with her admirers and the rest of the world by taking time out of her hectic schedule to post, tweet, or upload about her life.

Skinner also communicates with her fans through her YouTube channel’s Q&A segments. She currently has 47.4k subscribers to her YouTube account.

@mykaylaskinner2016 is her Instagram handle.
MyKayla Skinner’s Twitter handle is @MyKaylaSkinner.
MyKayla Skinner’s YouTube handle is @MyKaylaSkinner.
@mykaylaskinner is my Tiktok handle.
Likes | MyKayla Skinner
School Subject English Hobbies Shopping Taylor Swift Country Music Quinn Book Twilight Series Movie The Longest Journey
Food Gecko Grill from Riverdale, Mexican charity Feed My Starving Children
Other Sporting Activities
Gymnastics Master Coach for Camps

Frequently Asked Questions about MyKyala Skinner

Is MyKayla Skinner thinking about staying in Elite for Worlds in 2021 and beyond?
MyKayla Skinner does not intend to continue in Elite since she feels compelled to think about her future and finish college.

After the Olympics, what do MyKayla Skinner and Jonas plan to do?

They were planning a trip to Hawaii.

Will MyKayla Skinner return to collegiate competition after Tokyo?

After Tokyo, MyKyala Skinner is undecided about returning to college.

Did MyKayla Skinner ever consider retiring from gymnastics?

Because Elite is so demanding, MyKayla Skinner had a few breakdowns. She persisted, however, and learned to deal with the situation.

Is MyKayla Skinner featured in a television commercial?

The gymnast has been in a number of television commercials.

Is it true that Mykayla Skinner tweeted anything homophobic?

She is alleged to have tweeted racist and homophobic remarks, according to various news agencies.