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Murder Nova, a street outlaw, has a new car and a new net worth! Details: Wife and family!

Murder Nova, a street outlaw, has a new car and a new net worth! Details: Wife and family!

Murder Nova is an expert at striking a balance, whether it’s tailoring a car’s power for a balanced performance or balancing his personal and professional lives. The daredevil rider has slowly built up a solid net worth and a loving family through the act of balancing.

The 41-year-old is famed for his speed on the Discovery show Street Outlaws, which is currently in its eleventh season. He does automobile customizing and restoration in addition to presenting on the show.

Murder Nova discusses his show Street Outlaws in an interview (Published on 30 May 2013)

Along with his Street Outlaws co-star Big Chief, he hosts the podcast The Chief and Shawn Show.

Murder Nova’s Biography & Age

Murder Nova was born Shawn Ellington in 1977 in California. In 1982, he relocated from Sayre, Oklahoma, when he was five years old. He has spent the rest of his life surrounded by automobiles.

His interest in automobiles began while he worked as a cleaner in his father’s auto parts store. He came to Oklahoma City in 2005 after spending his whole adolescence in his father’s Sayre shop.

Furthermore, the movement was a watershed moment in Nova’s life. He bought a 1969 Chevrolet Nova after relocating to the city, and he has been a key member of Street Outlaws since 2013.

Murder Nova’s New and Improved Version Chevrolet The Nova is the fourth fastest car in the United States.

He upgraded his new Chevrolet Nova, which was a bit low on power and economy, after becoming a part of Street Outlaws, a show that consists of upgrading antique cars through a series of modifications.

From its original pre-charged power, he changed the car’s engine to a twin-turbo configuration. The new Murder Nova automobile included Diamond Pistons, Oliver connecting rods, and 380cc Dart Pro 2 cylinder heads, as well as a 3400 horsepower engine.

The modifications instantly made the beast one of the fastest cars on display at the Street Outlaws show, putting him in second place on the list of fastest automobiles. The first, on the other hand, belonged to his long-time pal Big Chief.

His Murder Nova is thought to be the fourth fastest automobile in the country, with a whopping 3000 horsepower.

On social media, Murder Nova openly professes his love for his wife.

Aside from his passion for automobiles, he has a crush on Erin, whom he affectionately refers to as ‘Mrs. Murder Nova.’

Since the day they met, the reality star has been married to Erin since 2005, and their love and friendship have grown stronger.

He openly displays his love and isn’t ashamed to shower his spouse with mentions on Instagram, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a casual day off, despite his status as a daredevil rider.

On his wife’s birthday, June 17, 2017, the daredevil rider shared a sweet message on Instagram. He praised his wife for all of the sacrifices she had made for him, as well as for assisting him in remaining sane. He went on to say that without his wife, he would not have been able to cope with his hectic existence.

Not to mention the fact that his wife has been a fantastic companion in crime for Shawn, participating in several racing escapades with him. On June 18, 2018, she returned the favor by wishing her hubby a happy birthday.

(Photo: Erin’s Instagram | 28 October 2018) Halloween: Murder Nova’s wife displays their Halloween costumes.

The attractive pair has a son named Aiden together, and as shown in Erin’s Instagram photo, the family seems to enjoy each other’s presence. Shawn routinely uploads images of his son on social media, and the family appears to be happy together.

The family’s closeness has weathered the test of time and has been steadily improving, and the racing fanatic has been able to achieve a sweet balance between his work and personal life, with his wife playing a key role.

Murder Nova’s astronomical net worth as DareDevil Rider

Shawn never imagined earning a net worth in the six figures when he started as a cleaner in his father’s auto parts company. Not only that, when he bought his first car, a Chevy Nova, he never imagined himself as a celebrity. His passion for speed and membership in the Street Outlaws, on the other hand, have helped him amass a fortune.

Murder Nova has amassed a net worth of $700,000, which is a substantial sum for a young man pursuing his desire of creating a name for himself in the racing world.

However, due to the increased popularity of the racing show, the number continues to rise. The program just finished its 11th season in 2018 and has been doing well, which has helped him increase his net worth.