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Moses Hacmon’s Ex, Trisha Paytas, Reacts to His Ex’s Cheating Allegations

Moses Hacmon’s Ex, Trisha Paytas, Reacts to His Ex’s Cheating Allegations

Trisha Paytas is arguably the only YouTuber who makes headlines every day. Given the intrigues that surround her, their lives appear to be quite interesting.

Paytas are everywhere, whether it’s the Ethan Klein and his mother Donna Klein controversy or the dispute between famous YouTuber Keemstar and Gabbie Hanna.

They’ve just found themselves caught up in a maelstrom concerning their love lives. Moses Harmon, their fiancé, has been accused of cheating on his partner on numerous occasions.

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Moses Hacmon’s ex-girlfriend accused him of infidelity.

Hacmon appears to be a wonderful man who will go to any length for them on Paytas’ YouTube channel. Hacmon is a dedicated fiancé, doing everything from performing funny skits with them to applying enormous prosthetics for their videos.

Having said that, Hacmon appears to have a lot of skeletons in his closet. He keeps to himself most of the time, and there isn’t much information about him online. However, several details from his history have suddenly surfaced.

Hacmon is said to have been married twice and has a child with one of his wives. He has also dated a lot of women and cheated on at least one of them.

Many drama channels have been exploring Hacmon and his life before Paytas since then. That’s when Rich Lux, a tea channel, posted a video of Hacmon’s ex exposing him on Instagram Stories.

Daphney, a.k.a. @Ms.Mercury, claimed to be Hacmon’s ex-girlfriend and answered questions about their relationship as well as made comments about him and Paytas.

Daphney said she had kept none of Hacmon’s previous messages while answering questions on Instagram Stories, claiming he had “seriously hurt” her. She also claimed Hacmon had cheated on her with Paytas.

After fans emailed her Paytas’ OnlyFans content with him, she discovered Hacmon was cheating on her.

“Moses using Tricia?” was one of the other queries, to which Daphney said that he used to live in Inglewood and now lives in a mansion after betraying everyone he loved.

This was a slap in the face to Hacmon’s sister Hila Klein and Ethan’s family for their feud. When Paytas and Ethan were openly bickering, Hacmon sided with Paytas.

Daphney went on to demonstrate Hacmon’s constant desire to betray the Kleins. Hacmon, she alleged, was always slamming them and the H3 Podcast crew.

These findings are terrible, and it appears like Hacmon’s dark side is being revealed. Hacmon was accused of manipulating, gaslighting, and stealing from her.

She also accused him of lying about his history of intimate relationships with a number of women, putting them in danger. She called him “dangerous” and claimed that because she was in love with him, she couldn’t see his true colors.

Trisha Paytas is unconcerned.

Paytas responded to the charges by posting on TikTok that they don’t care about Hacmon’s history. Instead, they derided those who were attempting to alert them to the issue.

People were bringing up “the same drama” from almost a year ago, according to Paytas. Hacmon, on the other hand, has yet to respond to any of Daphney’s charges.

He has, however, responded to a different claim of cheating on Twitter. A photo of Hacmon and another woman appeared on the H3H3 subreddit on September 2.

@LivLovesLem0ns, a Twitter user, alerted Hacmon to the photo and notified him of cheating rumors. The same day, Hacmon reacted, claiming that the woman in the photo was one of his closest friends.

He went on to say that his best friend was invited to his wedding, implying that he had no romantic feelings for the woman. Hacmon then said that people have been “making up stories” in order to harm him and his family.