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Months after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Matt, Rachel Ballinger comes forward

Months after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Matt, Rachel Ballinger comes forward

With her series “You Know What Pisses Me Off?” where she adds hilarious twists to the grating, relatable things that people do, YouTube sensation Rachel Ballinger soared to stardom. She received millions of subscribers as a result of the series’ success.

These days, she uses her vlogs to share snippets of her daily life with her followers, although she rarely discusses her romantic relationships. She would rather keep things quiet. Many of her followers are nonetheless aware that she had a long-term boyfriend named Matt who occasionally made an appearance in her vlogs. However, by the end of 2020, fans believed they had broken up.

The YouTuber discussed her new identity and the reasons her relationship ended in a recent video.

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Ballinger’s Debatable TikTok

Fans conjectured that the popular YouTuber and Matt had broken up after Ballinger’s sister Colleen, another well-known YouTuber, posted a TikTok video in December 2020.

Fans observed Ballinger gently putting her finger down before laughing and stepping out of the picture as it said in the video, “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year.” This understated action suggested that they might have broken up.

Fans began inquiring about the specifics of her supposed split from the moment they became aware of it. In a late January 2021 TikTok video, she finally addressed it. She screamed in anger since her ex had not returned her calls.

She had broken up with her ex in September, and now he was still using her credit card for his own purchases, which infuriated her. She became irate because she was unable to log in to reverse the payments she was making.

Ballinger Declares Himself Gay

The YouTuber posted a coming-out video a few months later. She instantly stated that the film was not a coming-out video after a few seconds because she had pledged never to do one. She then went on to say that she only wanted to tell her tale.

Ballinger acknowledged that her eight-year relationship had kept her from examining her choices and discovering her true self. She clarified that the relationship had soured even before she was aware of her new identity, contrary to what many of her followers believed.

The 29-year-old stated that she felt no interest in any other men after they broke up, and she concluded this was because she wasn’t ready to date again. But a thorough exploration of TikTok altered her perspective.

On the app, she browsed the sites of lesbian celebrities and saw emotions she had never experienced before. When she came to this conclusion, she said it made her feel at rest, and when she told her loved ones, they were all encouraging.

Ballinger expresses excitement for the upcoming new chapter in her life as the video comes to a close.