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Montana Fishburne, the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, made news for all the wrong reasons.

Montana Fishburne, the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, made news for all the wrong reasons.

Montana Fishburne rose to fame—or rather, infamous status—when she made an appearance in an adult film made by Vivid Entertainment at the age of 19 in 2010. Her parents are renowned A-list actor Laurence Fishburne and his first wife, Hajna O. Moss.

However, neither Montana nor the entertainment firm leaked the infamous tape, and she didn’t feel bad about it either.

Because Kim Kardashian’s meteoric climb to fame following the release of her tape served as inspiration, Montana wanted to imitate it in order to become famous. The Hollywood Reporter was informed at the time by the adult film star,

Even with her best efforts, Montana was never able to compete with Kardashian, but she did manage to gain internet celebrity at the expense of her relationship with her admired father. Scroll through as we highlight some of her behaviors that further tarnished her reputation.

Montana Fishburne felt confident in her decision.

In contrast to what her role model, Kim Kardashian, had said when her film was made public, Montana told People in 2010 that she was proud of her adult movie.

She claimed that since she had always wanted to work in the adult film industry, it wasn’t a big thing for her to do so. She continued, “I have always felt at ease with my body and with my [orientation].

Her parents, on the other hand, didn’t share Montana’s sentiments towards her service, as her father “told [Montana] he was ashamed” of her. But her mother insisted that she loved her and wished she would stay content and away from the adult film industry.

However, the relationship between the father and daughter has improved recently, as shown on Montana’s Instagram, where she periodically shares pictures of herself with The Matrix actor.

Two daughters and a son are the products of Laurence’s two marriages. Delilah Fishburne is the second child he has with Gina Torres, his second ex-wife. His first marriage to Hajna produced Langston Fishburne, who is his son.

Arrested on suspicion of prostitution: Montana Fishburne

She was detained for “alleged prostitution” a year before the release of her iconic adult movie, but she ultimately pleaded no contest to criminal trespass.

She was allegedly “ordered to take an AIDS-education class,” “sentenced to two years’ probation and 15 days in jail, but was able to do community service instead of jail time,” and “sentenced to two years supervised release.”

Later, during an interview with WJLB’s Coco, Foolish & Mr. Chase in the Morning, Montana affirmed that she was “never a prostitute.”

She was accused of assaulting her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

Montana was once again in the middle of the action in a 2010 event. She was reportedly charged with violence that year after allegedly “beating the hell out of her boyfriend’s ex,” according to TMZ.

She was detained, according to E! News, “supposedly for breaking into the victim’s home [and] pushing her into the bathroom and assaulting her repeatedly.”

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office said through a spokeswoman that they were unable to identify the attack’s weapon. However, Montana was reportedly sentenced to 90 days in jail, three years of probation, and $9,000 in reparation to the victim.