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Monica Vaswani’s Personal Life and Family on Bravo’s “Family Karma”

Monica Vaswani’s Personal Life and Family on Bravo’s “Family Karma”

Family Karma on Bravo gives viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at the lives of a group of multigenerational Indian families in Miami. Monica Vaswani is at the forefront of an all-Indian ensemble docuseries.

Vaswani works as a software developer during the day and as a Bollywood choreographer at night. Much of her life, including her family, friendships, and love, has been covered on reality television.

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Monica Vaswani’s Work and Age

Vaswani is 29 years old and has worked for Ultimate Software for over 5 years, according to her LinkedIn page. She has worked as a customer success specialist, account manager, and core/HR specialist for the organization.

Prior to joining Ultimate Software, the reality personality worked as a Wells Fargo teller and a White House Black Market sales representative. She teaches Bollywood dance and choreography at night in addition to her day job.

Vaswani’s primary interest is dance and choreography, and she characterizes herself as “a typical lady who works full-time and works side hustles to reach her ambitions.” Her motivation for working hard is to provide for her family.

Divorced Parent’s Daughter

Vaswani’s parents are divorced, and she spoke out about it to Brown Girl Magazine, claiming that her father and mother were among the first couples in the Indian community to divorce.

Vaswani claims the breakup had a significant impact on her growing up because of the stigma linked to it in Indian society. One of her main motives for making the show was to tell her story in the hopes that it will help others going through similar situations.

Raj Vaswani, Vaswani’s father, is very close to her and has always been quite supportive of her. He not only encouraged her to pursue a career in the arts, but he also persuaded her to accept Bravo’s offer to produce Family Karma.

Monica Vaswani has a boyfriend named Rish Karam.

Vaswani is dating Karam, a 27-year-old restaurateur and businessman. He is the proprietor of MOKSHA Indian Brasserie, a restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisine served in a modern setting.

Karam is from a large, traditional, and business-oriented Indian family, according to his Bravo TV bio. He and Vaswani have been friends since childhood, but they have only lately begun dating.

Vaswani had a crush on her best friend, Brian, before she and Karam started dating. She understood, however, that she and Brian were better off as friends and moved on since she had always wanted to find the right match for herself in order to avoid a situation like her parents’ divorce.