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Misty, a star of Homestead Rescue, has reportedly gained weight.

Misty, a star of Homestead Rescue, has reportedly gained weight.

One of the most adored characters on Homestead Rescue, Misty, has put on a few pounds, prompting some viewers to speculate she is expecting.

One of the most adored characters on the reality series has always been Misty Raney Bilodeau, the daughter of the Raney family from Homestead Rescue. She has repeatedly guided and assisted several families in thriving in the woods using her superb agricultural and hunting talents.

Despite having many great qualities, she has had to put up with several remarks regarding her recent gain in weight because she is a woman.

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The topic of Misty’s weight gain has generated interest among fans.

Fans have speculated that she may be pregnant, even though it is obvious from her social media pictures that she has gained a few pounds. However, the extra weight has remained largely steady throughout the show’s last season, so we don’t think she’s actually expecting right now.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that she has been a part of the show for a while, and some weight gain is normal and does not signify pregnancy.

Despite the fact that her rumored pregnancy was a fraud, she now has a small family of her own. She has been wed to Hawaii-born carpenter and surfer Maciah Bilodeau for about 20 years. In addition, they share a son named Gauge, who will turn eleven this year. The family spends equal amounts of time in Alaska and Hawaii. They live and surf in Hawaii during the winters while helping to operate the family business in Alaska during the summers.

She has strengthened her fans’ perception of her as a hero.

Because of her survival talents, Misty has grown to be a hero for her followers throughout the years. The most famous of her remarkable abilities include greenhouse construction, food processing, converting produce into survival food, and creating predator-proof livestock housing to protect herds from wild predators.

In addition to agriculture, Misty has expertise in smaller-scale daily requirements such as building barns, and outhouses, fencing to keep livestock safe from predators, etc.

She surely deserves to have a large following of supporters because she has such a broad range of talents. As a result, the fans have undoubtedly supported Misty and have never held back from publicly cheering on their favorite performer.

Real-Life Show

The Raney family, Marty, Misty, and Matt Raney help people who have been trying to homestead in Alaska, USA, on the reality show Homestead Rescue.

Each Raney family member plays a separate job; Matt is a hunter and fisherman, Misty is a farmer, and Marty is an expert in survival techniques.

In Alaska, growing food can be challenging. As a result, these homesteading professionals deal with a variety of issues brought on by nature, including agriculture, unexpected medical situations, predator defense, and more.

Each episode ends with the families learning homesteading from these professionals and deciding whether to return to civilization or stay in the woods.

The TV show premiered in 2016 and has already enjoyed seven great seasons. Misty’s weight increase is the most recent reason why the show has been in the news recently.