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Missy Elliott is unlikely to marry any time soon, and here’s why.

Missy Elliott is unlikely to marry any time soon, and here’s why.

Missy Elliott, a 50-year-old rapper, and singer rose through the ranks of R&B female group Sista in the early-mid 1990s. She later joined the Swing Mob collective, which included her childhood buddy and lifelong colleague Timbaland.

She is now one of the most well-known figures in the music industry, having been admitted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame for the first time in 2019. She was also awarded the Video Vanguard Award for her achievements in music at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards in the same year.

With such massive success and recognition, many fans are curious about Missy Elliott’s personal life, with questions like “Is Missy Elliott married?” and “Is Missy Elliott gay?” popping up all over the internet.

But it appears that Elliott is unconcerned with the questions, as she has rarely spoken publicly about her love life or sexual orientation.

However, there are blogs and sites that describe her dating past, with certain information implying that the famous singer is unlikely to marry anytime soon. Scroll down to learn about her dating history and why she may or may not have a husband!

Missy Elliott’s Past Relationships

Elliott dated singer Olivia Longott, who provided vocals for 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop,’ for two years in the early 2000s, according to data cited by Bustle. Despite the fact that they never declared their relationship, old photos of them from parties revealed that they were close.

Trina, Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, and Timbaland, as well as novelist Karrine Steffans, singer and collaborator Charlene Keys, and vocalist Nicole Wray, have all been associated with the Portsmouth-born musician. However, she has yet to confirm any of the supposed romances.

Furthermore, at Bravo’s Watch What Happens Life, Elliott’s pal, Real Housewives of Atlanta actress Eva Marcille, admitted that the two had been romantically involved for a long time. When Marcille was asked if she had spoken with Elliott about the report, she said he was “non-confrontational.”

There were also allegations in 2013 that the rapper married fellow rapper Sharaya J; however, Sharaya debunked the accusations in a 2015 interview with Fader, calling Elliott her “music mother.”

According to Bustle, the singer was not known to be dating anyone as of 2019 and was single. However, it appears that the uncertainty around her relationship status is still prevalent.

Anytime Soon, No Husband

Elliott appears to prefer women to males based on her dating history since she has dated more girlfriends in her life. And, while it may be an assumption, it appears that she will not be married any time soon for those reasons.

However, these are all instinctive guesses that may or may not come true.

Missy Elliott Wants To Start A Family

Elliott may not have spoken openly about her boyfriend, but she had shown a desire to start a family. In a 2008 interview with People magazine, she stated that she would “absolutely” like to be a mother one day.

“I don’t know if I can endure that sort of pain,” she said, adding that she wasn’t interested in going through the process of natural birth. Despite her claim, it has not been confirmed whether she has had or adopted any children.