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Mike Wolfe’s Biography Is Revealed! House with 5,100 square feet and a large yard 2018 Net Worth

Mike Wolfe’s Biography Is Revealed! House with 5,100 square feet and a large yard 2018 Net Worth

Mike Wolfe moved into his dream home in 2012, after years of searching. If one were to take a tour of his residence, it would not be considered humble.

The 53-year-old is most known for co-creating and hosting the reality TV show American Pickers, which follows antique and collectible hunters as they travel from town to town. He’s also an ambassador for the Operation Smile project, occasionally appearing on its awareness programs.

In addition to appearing on his show every year (with Frank Fritz, Danielle Colby, Danny Koker, and Robbie Wolfe), the Joliet native also owns and operates Antique Archaeology, an antique and fashion firm.

Mike Wolfe’s Biography: He Was Raised in a Difficult Environment

In 1964, the renowned picker was born to a single mother in Joliet, Illinois. He is the middle of three children that were raised by a single mother.

His childhood was marked by poverty. His family later relocated to Iowa, where he met his future co-host, Frank Fritz, while in high school. Bettendorf High School is where they both graduated in 1982.

He made his first choice as a 6-year-old. His first transaction netted him $5 in profit. After buying an abandoned bike from a farmer for $50 a decade later, he collected $4,950 in profit.

History Channel Picks His Picking Skills: The American Pickers’ Story

Mike specialized in ‘picking’ for almost two decades until History Channel picked up his show. Mike and his longtime buddy and co-host, Frank, were given a season deal by History Channel executives after they broke the protocol of airing a pilot.

American Pickers had the most first-week audience for History Channel since Ice Road Truckers when it premiered (2007). In its 19th season, American Pickers is still one of History Channel’s most popular shows.

Kid Pickers: How To Turn Jack Into Treasure and Art Of The Pick are two of his publications that highlight his picking abilities.

In the face of conflicting reports, Mike Wolfe’s net worth in 2018

According to estimates, the reality TV star is paid a whopping half a million dollars for a season’s worth of American Pickers on the History Channel.

Mike and his high school friend Frank are said to be paid $125,000 for the first two episodes of a season and $20,000 each episode for the rest of the season.

Speculating on his net worth will be a game for Tabloids unless his real tax filing is disclosed.

In terms of his wealth, he has amassed a 13-million-dollar empire. Various other reports of his net worth in 2018 have contradicted the amounts stated above.

In comparison to other American pickers, he has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Frank Fritz, Mike’s coworker, is said to have a net worth of $5 million, which is $8 million less than he does. He does, however, continue to track the show’s in-house automotive specialist, Danny Koker, who is estimated to be worth $23 million. Mike Wolfe, on the other hand, has higher earnings and net worth than his brother, Robie Wolfe. He also defeats Danielle Colby, an American Picker with a net worth of $1.5 million to $2 million.

Mike Had A Fantasy Wedding With His Wife

In Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, Mike married Jodie Faeth on September 8, 2012. ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ was the theme for this fun wedding.

Before marrying, they had been together for ten years. From Jodie’s previous marriage, Mike has a daughter named Charlie and a son named Kyle.

The Bettendorf alumnus has been able to purchase his ideal home for his family with the money he has made selling his way of life on television.

The House Of His Dreams epitomizes luxury.

Mike Wolf, believe it or not, purchased his first home at an auction while on the hunt for a motorcycle.

They were living on the river in downtown LeClaire, Iowa, a year before their wedding in September 2011. They had rented the ground floor to shop enterprises while living in the duplex apartment above — a nice space, despite his income.

He now lives in a mansion that is a far cry from the modest home he showed off to a NY Times reporter in 2011. He relocated his family to a new dream home after their 2012 wedding.

His fantasy home is 5,100 square feet and sits on 32 acres of woods. The 18th-century gate and front door are immediately seen as you enter his land. There are almost 40 motorcycles in his collection, as well as a built-in phone booth, on the inside.

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A castle-like turret, which he built for his daughter, reflects the grandeur of his home. That’s what I call a man living within his means in a dream home.