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Mike Wolfe on Getting Married To Wife Bringing Him “Ultimate Joy” Get to know the Wolfes.

Mike Wolfe on Getting Married To Wife Bringing Him “Ultimate Joy” Get to know the Wolfes.

Following the one-year anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Mike Wolfe admitted to feeling blessed. The reality star has ‘chosen’ a ‘item’ that he will not sell.

He’s the creator and star of American Pickers, a show about a group of antique collectors (Frank Fritz, Robbie Wolfe, Danny Koker, Danielle Colby) who take the road to buy or “pick” antiques for resale, clients, or personal collection. The first episode of American Pickers premiered on the History Channel on January 10, 2010, to 3.1 million viewers. The show is currently on its twentieth season.

He runs Antique Archeology, an antique and fashion firm, in addition to being the founder and star of the hit TV show.

Mike’s Family Life Before He Became Famous

Mike grew up with two siblings, Robbie and Beth, and was born on November 6, 1964. His mother struggled to make ends meet as a single mom. His adolescence in a harsh environment and having to make do with very little shaped him into a savvy negotiator.

He made his first ‘pick’ when he was just six years old, when he discovered an abandoned bicycle and sold it for $5. He’d work in the field for over two decades before turning it into a TV show, American Pickers.

He won a big deal early on in his picking trip when he sold a bike for $5000 that he had initially purchased from a farmer for $50.

Mike’s colossal fortune aids his philanthropic endeavors.

He and his American Pickers co-star Frank Fritz spent nearly five years marketing their show to numerous media sources before it was picked up by the History channel. People enjoyed the idea of two antique nerds searching through cities and collecting antiques once they aired on television. The show is still continuing after eight years and nineteen seasons, with a new season slated to premiere soon.

His picking skills have been documented in his two books, Kid Pick: How To Turn Jack Into Treasure and How To Pick, as well as on the show.

Mike’s time on television has allowed him to participate in humanitarian projects and donate a significant portion of his earnings to charity. He may also be seen raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Operation Smile, the ASPCA, and animal shelters.

His humanitarian efforts have been assisted by the History channel, which paid him an estimated half a million for a season of his show. Despite donating a significant amount to charity, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $13 million, compared to Danny’s $23 million, Frank’s $5 million, and Danielle’s $1.5 to $2 million.

The 53-year-old antique collector used his newfound money to purchase his ideal home: a 5,100-square-foot suburban home set on 32 acres of woodland. Kyle and Charlie Faeth, as well as his wife, Jodie Faeth, call this place home. Before getting married, Jodie and Mike dated for approximately ten years.

Mike is putting his 1962 VW van up for sale on E-Bay.

Mike is an antique picker and a fan of old and rusted things, so owning a 1962 Volkswagon Type 2 double door van, which looks like a fly without wings zoomed a thousand times, is fairly normal. Mike, on the other hand, not only owns the vintage van, but also drives it on occasion, including in his program.

Mike, on the other hand, is dead set on selling the van, and the largest bid so far has been nearly $ 30,000. It may appear to be a lot for an old junky van, but the vehicle appears to run more smoothly than its exterior suggests.

To Get Married, I ‘Picked’ The Right Wife

Mike and Jodie married in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee on September 8, 2012. They had chosen ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ as their wedding theme.

Charlie, their daughter, was eight months old at the time of their wedding. Mike was already the father of Jodie’s kid, Kyle, from a previous marriage, when Charlie was born. Kyle and Charlie, their children, are 24 years apart in age.

Mike tweeted on the one-year anniversary of their marriage, expressing gratitude for the blessing. Everything points to one conclusion: he’s a family man.

Mike, a ‘picker’ by trade, hasn’t let his job’s risk get the best of him, because he’s married the proper woman.