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Mike Majlak’s Cheating Scandal and Split from Ex Lana Rhoades Explained

Mike Majlak’s Cheating Scandal and Split from Ex Lana Rhoades Explained

The Scandal Over Mike Majlak’s Cheating Mike Majlak, an American YouTuber and social media celebrity, and his fiancée, Lana Rhoades, surprised the world when they announced their breakup in February 2021.

Their relationship sailed over rough waters until February 2021, when they called it quits.

But why did the couple split up? Let us investigate.

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The GTA Disputation

The relationship between Majlak and Rhoades originally sparked controversy when Majlak began conversing with another lady in the Role Playing servers during his streams.

After a brief interaction, the streamer even asked for her Instagram handle.

The drama began when spectators began to tag Rhoades on Twitter and accuse her boyfriend of cheating.

Rhoades was disappointed when she contacted him angrily, stating, “This is cheating.”

The “Cheating” Scandal of Mike Majlak

On February 2020, news of Majlak’s adultery became viral after Instagram model Ava Louise was called out by Rhoades for “having nothing better to do with your life than sit outside a bar for hours.”

Louise rose to prominence after appearing as a guest on Dr. Phil’s show “Insta: Famous to Insta-Lonely.” She famously said to Dr. Phil on the broadcast that she’d rather “die hot than live ugly.”

“Imagine getting cheated on with a female from Dr. Phil LOL,” Louise said in response to Rhoades’ Tweet.

She even shared screenshots of her interaction with Majlak. The couple appeared to be making plans for the evening in the receipts.

Majlak went on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast on February 11th, where he detailed the entire scene from his perspective and apologized to his beloved Rhoades.

He refuted charges that he was “cheating” on Rhoades, claiming that they never truly labeled their relationship.

Majlak went on to retell the night’s events, claiming that Ava had waited for him outside of two clubs to catch his notice, and even referred to the Dr. Phil celebrity as a “dumpster gremlin,” adding that she had messaged him to get personal.

The social media influencer admits to having physical connections with Louise in his hotel room that night and expressed regret for doing something that would harm Rhoades.

Majlak stated that he was ashamed of the incident and that he made a mistake.

Louise received an apology from the YouTuber, who stated that she “needed some serious treatment” because her entire life objective was to “demand attention” by “exposing” others.

Despite the adultery incident, Rhoades and Majlak were said to be still dating based on their social media photographs.

The Last Farewell

The couple planned to move in together in an attempt to repair their relationship.

Majlak apparently “broke up” with Rhoades “the day he was supposed to move in,” so the plan fell apart.

Majlak allegedly told Rhoades the day before he was due to move back in that he had other plans.

Instead of moving in with Rhoades, Majlak said that he and his friend FaZe Banks were working on a new “content house.”

“All I wanted to do was get the [crap] out of my house,” she admitted.

Rhoades was so disturbed by his response that he decided to call it quits on the relationship.

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