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Michael Dorn’s personal life is kept under wraps, but rumors of affairs and an alleged wife have slipped through the cracks.

Michael Dorn’s personal life is kept under wraps, but rumors of affairs and an alleged wife have slipped through the cracks.

Michael Dorn, who is well known for playing Lieutenant Commander Worf in Star Trek, has a reputation for keeping his personal life private. However, over the years, rumors of love ties with co-stars and a hidden marriage have surfaced.

Kelly, Dorn’s ‘Alleged Wife,’

Dorn has never been one to make his personal life public, so little is known about his wife if he has one. He was, however, once pictured with a woman who was rumored to be his wife.

According to Getty Images, the actor came with his ‘wife’ Kelly at the premiere of the film Pretty When You Cry in 2001. He hasn’t verified or disputed the reports.

Rumors Of His Co-Stars Having Affairs

Dorn has been linked to a number of speculations, including that he is dating his Star Trek co-stars, Marina Sirtis and Terry Farrell.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the 68-year-old actor, and Sirtis played Worf and Counselor Tori, respectively. They grew close during filming, leading to rumors that they were dating. They are, nonetheless, still close friends after more than three decades.

Sirtis mentioned their friendship while playing a fun game with BuzzFeed about how well they know each other. Dorn, she claimed BuzzFeed, was the only person who could put up with her for a long time.

Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn.

When it comes to Dorn and Farrell, played Worf and Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They never had a romantic relationship, but they were wonderful friends.

Farrel remarked in an interview with Pop Mythology that they earned their friendship by working together and that she adored him. Dorn was also quite supportive of her while she was experiencing problems with the producers, she said.

Dorn’s Life Is Extremely Private, According to Fans

Fans of the Star Trek actor have always been intrigued about his personal life. One Reddit member, u/bnarows, wondered if Dorn was married in the Star Trek subreddit, r/startrek, to which another user, u/Trekfan, commented on how strange it is that Dorn’s life has stayed secret compared to his coworkers.

They went on to say that the singer might be gay and that he wants to keep his personal life quiet because he hasn’t been seen with anyone at any award presentations.

Despite several claims that Dorn is gay, there is hardly any convincing evidence to back them up.