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Messy Breakup Drama involving Ex-Girlfriend Abby Rao and RiceGum

Messy Breakup Drama involving Ex-Girlfriend Abby Rao and RiceGum

Bryan Quang Le, better known by his stage as RiceGum, and social media personality Abby Rao were seen together publicly in 2019.

Late in 2018, the two began dating, and on January 11, 2019, RiceGum posted a YouTube video introducing Rao to his fanbase.

Rao started appearing in his movies and live streams after his initial appearance.

She even started to dominate his channel’s pranks, challenges, and comedy. Soon after, on February 7, 2019, RiceGum and his fiancée set up a combined YouTube channel with the name FamilyGum.

As love partners, the pair began posting content about their daily lives on the channel. They even covered Rao’s experience with breast augmentation and the tattooing session where she got the word “RICE” inked on the inside of her lower lip.

But Rae stopped making an appearance in the videos in late 2019. Additionally, the couple unfriended each other on Instagram, leading followers to believe that they were no longer together.

Breakup Between RiceGum and Abby Rao

Rao finally spoke about their breakup after considerable conjecture about it. The Instagram sensation revealed they split up in an interview with Hollywood Life in November 2019 after realizing they had different life goals.

She said, “I was just very destroyed,” but added that she still adored RiceGum. But she went on to say that their mindsets were different.

The 24-year-old also discussed the abuse she was getting from the supporters of her ex-partner. She revealed that she had received regular criticism for dating RiceGum, and the ‘heartless’ remarks had gotten worse ever since they broke up.

RiceGum Said Ex Was to Blame for Their Split

In April 2020, RiceGum made fun of his ex-girlfriend during a Twitch stream, months after Rao had announced their breakup. The 24-year-old called the content producer “clingy” and said that she never helped him in his pursuits.

Rao swiftly replied to the insulting remarks via his Instagram Story. She replied, “I just want to start crying honestly,” before pointing out that he was the one who caused their rift.

In April 2020, the Instagram model shared a confessional on her YouTube channel where she talked about the problems.

“Really, I don’t really want to be filming this video. I regret launching my YouTube channel in this manner “she stated at the start of the video.

Then she said Twitch was to fault for their breakup. Rao described how RiceGum would host live streaming with other girls and discuss topics that bothered her. She said the YouTuber misconstrued her discomfort as a lack of support.

Rao clarified that she sacrificed her career for her romance and said she was relieved to have split from RiceGum.

RiceGum is dating who?

RiceGum hasn’t been in a public romance since his breakup with Rao. His dating history is completely absent from his social media accounts.

In July 2020, the native of Nevada confessed his crush on Ellerie Marie in a video titled “We Broke Up So I’m Meeting My New Crush.”

Rao was unhappy because RiceGum highlighted another girl in their shared account, which led to the uproar in the video. Even more, RiceGum made his ex-worry girlfriend public by posting her voicemail on YouTube.

However, despite the commotion, RiceGum and his crush didn’t seem to be developing anything serious.