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Mel Harris’s Belief in Marriage Getting Proven Right with Sixth Spouse

Mel Harris’s Belief in Marriage Getting Proven Right with Sixth Spouse

Mel Harris and her present husband, Bob Brush, had just celebrated 12 years of marriage bliss seven weeks before this article. The well-known actress even commemorated the occasion with an Instagram post.

The actress shared a couple of photos on her Instagram account on July 27, 2021. A bottle of sand was placed on a rock in the first snap.

But the sand in the glass bottle wasn’t just any sand; it came from the Jersey Shore venue where they first exchanged vows.

The gorgeous pair dressed in Masai Mara native garb was framed in the second photo in the post while villagers applauded in the backdrop.

This photo was shot when the couple, ten years into their marriage, repeated their vows.

Harris wrote in the caption that she was fortunate to have discovered such a caring and fascinating husband who shared her enthusiasm for their twelve-year trip.

She continued by thanking him for all the love, laughter, pleasure, and tears he had brought into her life.

“Here’s to holding hands no matter where our adventure takes us,” she said as she signed off.

This time around, Harris appears to have found the love of her life in her hubby, but it took the model turned actress a few tries to get it right.

Six Spouses by Mel Harris

Harris has married six times over her life. In 1978, she married her first husband, David Silbergeld. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted approximately a year until they separated in 1979.

She walked down the aisle with her second husband, Brian Kilclinic, less than a year later. This one lasted a little longer than the previous, but not by much.

In 1982, the two former flames split up.

Harris married producer David Hume Kennerly in late October 1983. Their marriage would endure a total of five years till they divorced in 1988.

Harris’ eldest kid, Byron, is the result of her marriage to Kennerly.

She married actor Cotter Smith for the second time in October 1988. They were married until 1996 and had only one child, a girl named Madeline.

Michael Toomy was Harris’ fifth spouse, whom he married in May 2001. However, it is unclear when that marriage ended and she fell in love with Brush again.

Mel Harris’s Marriage Belief

Harris stated during an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? that she was a firm believer in marriage. “Obviously, I believe in marriage because I’ve tried it so many times,” she joked.

When she said, she also assumed full responsibility for her prior marriages.

She then went on to say that marrying Brush had been the best and most fulfilling thing she had ever done in her life.

She appeared assured when she stated that she intended to marry Brush for the rest of her life.

Harris has two biological children and two stepdaughters with her husband, a screenwriter turned television producer.