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Meet Zane Zemeckis – Photos Of Robert Zemeckis’ Son With Leslie Harter Zemeckis

Meet Zane Zemeckis – Photos Of Robert Zemeckis’ Son With Leslie Harter Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis is an acclaimed producer, screenwriter, and director in the American film industry. He often gets credit for using state-of-the-art special effects for more narrative and dramatic purposes in his movies. He used computer graphics’ insertion into live-action footage in numerous films, including the Back to the Future series and Forrest Gump. Some of the other films in which Zemeckis worked are The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and Welcome to Marwen.

The director of the soon to be released Disney’s live-action adaptation of Pinocchio, Robert Zemeckis, married twice in his lifetime. Previously, he was in a marital relationship with actress Mary Ellen Trainor with whom he has a son named Alexander Francis Zemeckis. Later, he married actress Leslie Harter with whom he has three kids. Let’s get familiar with one of Robert Zemeckis’ sons, Zane Zemeckis, and know more about him, including his everyday life.

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Youngest Son Of Robert Zemeckis With His Wife Leslie Harter

Zane Zemeckis is the youngest son of the renowned director Robert Zemeckis and his beautiful wife, Leslie Harter Zemeckis. The married couple welcomed their son, Zane, in 2005. He has a brother named Rhys Zemeckis, who is a year older than him, and a younger sister, Zsa Zsa Rose Zemeckis, who made him a proud big-brother in 2008. Zane Zemeckis shares a great bond with both of his siblings and is also close with his parents.

Robert Zemeckis and Leslie Zemeckis welcomed their younger son, Zane Zemeckis, in 2005. Image Source: Leslie Zemeckis’ Facebook.

Being a son of famous entertainment personalities, the fifteen-year-old Zane might have a great childhood and is probably living his teenage years to his fullest. Although there is not much information available on the internet about Robert Zemeckis’ son, Zane Zemeckis, it’s speculated that he attends a top school near his residence. Moreover, being the youngest son of his family, he might be getting a lot of love and care from his elder brother and parents.

Robert Zemeckis’ son, Zane Zemeckis Has A Half-brother

As mentioned earlier, Zane Zemeckis’ father, Robert Zemeckis, was once in a marital bond with Mary Ellen Trainer, and the pair had a son together. Zemeckis’ elder half-brother is named Alexander Francis Zemeckis and is involved in the film industry like his father. Alexander debuted in the entertainment industry as a small boy through the film Forrest Gump, which was directed by their father. Zane’s half-brother has also worked on other projects like Contact, Rabbit Fever, Beowulf, and The Polar Express.

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Robert Zemeckis is very secretive when it comes to his and his family’s personal lives. So, not much is known about the relationship between Zane and his brother, Alexander. However, it’s speculated that the siblings share a close bond behind the camera.

His Parents Seems To Prefer Him Stay Far From Limelight

Robert Zemeckis is not only famous for including special effects in his movies. He is also popular for keeping the information about his personal life away from the media reach. Father of four, Robert Zemeckis, is not active on any social networking sites. He also prefers to keep his kids far from the paparazzi and unnecessary media dramas. So, despite being a son of famous figures, Robert Zemeckis’ son, Zane Zemeckis, has never been on the red carpet with his parents. Moreover, both Robert and Leslie neither share photos of their children nor talk about them in public.

During his earlier years, Robert Zemeckis sacrificed his family life in favor of his professional life. Due to his workaholic nature, he could not give adequate time and attention to his first wife and son. However, in the present, Robert seems to have learned from his past mistakes and now knows the importance of his family. So, he might be focusing more on his son, Zane, and other family members while staying far from the prying eyes of media people at the moment.

Though details on Robert Zemeckis’ son, Zane Zemeckis, are scarce at the moment, we hope we will soon get to know him better. Who knows. He also might be preparing himself to shine out just like his celebrity parents shortly. But for now, we need to have some patience and wait for the result.

Name Meaning: Zane Zemeckis

The boy name Zane is an English version of the Hebrew name John. It’s meaning is God is gracious.

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