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Meet Zak Herbstreit – Photos Of Kirk Herbstreit’s Son With Alison Butler

Meet Zak Herbstreit – Photos Of Kirk Herbstreit’s Son With Alison Butler

Kirk Herbstreit’s son, Zak Herbstreit, is a long-time ESPN analyst. Zak Herbstreit, the third of four Herbstreit children, was born in 2003, and it was clear that he would follow in his parents’ footsteps in sports and athletics.

Without further ado, let us try to figure out who Zak Herbstreit is outside of being the son of the College GameDay presenter.

Parents of Zak’s Athletes

As previously stated, the 6’2′′ athlete is Kirk Herbstreit’s son, college football’s go-to person. His mother, on the other hand, is an Ohio State University alumna Alison Butler. Her husband was a quarterback for the Ohio Buckeyes, and the mother of four was a former cheerleader.

Kirk, Zak’s father, captained the Buckeyes and made a significant contribution to the team. Since then, he’s shifted his concentration to sports commentary, where he puts his football knowledge to good use. Zak Herbstreit’s parents, without a doubt, are the source of his extraordinary athleticism.

Zak has three brothers and sisters.

Kirk Herbstreit has four sons, the third of whom is Zak Herbstreit. Jake and Tye Herbstreit, his older brothers, are identical twins. Jake and Tye are also collegiate football players, but unlike Kirk, they chose Clemson over Ohio State.

Zak Herbstreit is Kirk Herbstreit’s son, and he has two older twin brothers and one younger brother. Kirk Herbstreit’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Chase Herbstreit is Kirk Herbstreit’s youngest son. Little Chase, like his brothers and dad, has developed a passion for sports, and there is little doubt that Zak’s younger brother will play football in the future.

Keeping the Family Tradition Alive

The news that Kirk’s elder twins had chosen Clemson over Ohio State was surprising. Kirk Herbstreit was full “Ohio Till I Die” during his storied collegiate football career, as he captained the Buckeyes as a quarterback. Zak’s elder brothers, on the other hand, now promote Clemson and receive pleasant jabs from the entire family.

Zak Herbstreit, on the other hand, continued the family tradition by committing to the Buckeyes, which was a huge relief for his father. While the ESPN expert is nonetheless pleased for the twins, Zak’s decision to follow in his footsteps has made him particularly pleased.

Even Zak’s grandfather, Jim Herbstreit, a five-time Sports Emmy winner, played for Ohio State, so the young man’s allegiance is significant. The college football community erupted on social media after the senior tight end at Montgomery Bell Academy announced his walk-on commitment to Ohio State.

Apart from football, Kirk Herbstreit’s son has another passion.

We’ve spoken about how football has influenced Herbstreit throughout the piece. Zak’s father and grandparents were both former football players, while his older brothers played college football and his mother was a cheerleader. Aside from football, though, the senior tight end has a variety of other hobbies, which we will describe further down.


As a member of the Montgomery Bell Lacrosse club, the Nashville native is also an accomplished lacrosse player. The earliest organized sport in North America is played with a stick and a ball and follows a set of rules that are similar to baseball.

However, the senior tight end’s chances of playing lacrosse appear to be minimal, as he will now be playing amateur football.


Zak and Chase, out of all Kirk Herbstreit’s sons, appear to be the most like their father. Kirk can be seen taking his sons fishing on the sea or in a pond. The soon-to-be Ohio State footballer also shares photos of his family fishing and bonding.


The son of a former cheerleader is not only athletic but also outgoing. Zak Herbstreit is a fishing enthusiast as well as an adrenaline junkie. Skiing is a great way for him to get away from football, but not from his brothers.

The 6’2″ athlete is more frequently seen with his brothers than with his buddies since he appears to enjoy spending time with them.

Though the TV host has three additional boys, Zak Herbstreit, his middle child, has gotten the most attention. Not only because he is Kirk Herbstreit’s son, but also because he is carrying on the family legacy.

Despite leaving Ohio State due to obnoxious supporters that caused problems for the Herbstreit family, the middle child has committed to play for the school where he grew up.

We don’t know how Ohio fans will react to Zak Herbstreit, but based on his performance and resume, he has a chance to become a fan favorite. Before the season begins, we wish the newly signed Buckeyes athlete the best of luck in his football career and in life in general.

Meaning of a Name

Zak is a Hebrew boy’s name that means “laughter” or “the Lord recalled.”

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