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Meet York Banks Asla – Photos of Tyra Banks’ Son With Photographer Ex-Partner Erik Asla

Meet York Banks Asla – Photos of Tyra Banks’ Son With Photographer Ex-Partner Erik Asla

York Banks Asla, the son of Tyra Banks, an American television celebrity, was born in January of 2016. Tyra’s sole kid is York Banks Asla, whom she had via surrogacy with her ex-partner Erik Asla.

Though the young York has three older half-sisters on his father’s side. Tatjana Asla, Taylor Asla, and Tatnum Asla are Erik Asla’s daughters, albeit their biological mother’s name has yet to be revealed.

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Tyra Banks wants to keep her son York Banks Asla out of the spotlight.

Tyra Banks is one of the many celebrities who prefer to keep their children out of the spotlight. Tyra has only published images of her kid York Banks Asla once or twice in all this time. She published the first photo of her son on Father’s Day in 2017, which she regrets for some reason.

Tyra Banks and her ex-partner Erik Asla have a son named York Banks Asla. Tyra’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Tyra Banks was in a restaurant with her son York Banks Asla and her father Donald Banks. Later, the three of them went to the beach to swim. However, when they were coming home, several paparazzi spotted them and began photographing them. Tyra then contacted her baby daddy Erik and demanded that she publish a photo of their son to her Instagram account so that the paparazzi wouldn’t be able to profit from her son’s photos. As a result, we can see how concerned Tyra is for her son.

York Banks Asia’s father, Erik, is in the same boat. His Instagram is primarily dedicated to his photography, but he occasionally lets the world have a glimpse of his adorable youngster.

York Banks Asla is a wise young man.

York Banks Asla, Tyra Banks’ two-and-a-half-year-old son, speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and Norwegian. Many of York’s pals, according to Tyra, are having trouble pronouncing red, and York has already moved on to silver, rose, and rose gold. Tyra thinks her young one is smart since York Banks Asla has been able to count to 20 since he was 18.

York Banks Asla is a name with a meaning.

In Celtic, the name York means “yew tree.”

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