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Meet Wilbur Silverton-Heron – Photos Of Kate Silverton’s Son With Husband Mike Heron

Meet Wilbur Silverton-Heron – Photos Of Kate Silverton’s Son With Husband Mike Heron

Kate Silverton, a BBC news presenter, and her husband Mike Heron had a son named Wilbur Silverton-Heron. Wilbur Silverton-Heron, Kate Silverton’s son, was born on June 26, 2014 to his parents. Wilbur’s father is a former British Royal Marine, while his mother works for the BBC as a newsreader. Wilbur’s parents have been blissfully married since their December 18, 2010 wedding in London.

Wilbur, Kate’s son, is her second child with Mike Heron. Kate gave birth to a girl called Clemency Florence Rose Heron during her first pregnancy. Wilbur’s older sister, Clemency Florence, was born on November 5, 2011.

Wilbur Silverton, Kate Silverton’s son, has a passion for skiing that could lead to a career.

Wilbur Silverton’s favorite sport, according to Kate Silverton’s social media pages, is skiing. Wilbur arrives home after school, does his schoolwork like a good kid, and then puts on his skiing gear. Wilbur enjoys skiing with his mates around the neighborhood till dusk. He then returns home, freshens up, and prepares for dinner. Wilbur is clearly his parents’ obedient son.

Wilbur enjoys watching the English football team on TV with his father, in addition to skating. In their calm and stylish London house, the father and son combo had a good time. Wilbur’s mother Kate Silverton, a talented professional stage dancer, is likely to teach him some insane dancing techniques.

Wilbur, who is chilling, poses for a portrait with his mother. Metro is the source of this image.

Wilburt and his sister, Clemency, also enjoy cycling. Skating, on the other hand, is his main passion. His passion for skating may lead him to pursue a professional skating career in the future. We’re glad Wilbur is enthusiastic about his interests. We wish Wilbur all the best in his future endeavors.

Wilbur Silverton-Heron is the obedient son of his parents.

Mike Heron’s son is all his parents want as a child. Wilbur’s parents, unlike many parents today, make sure that their only son is not spoilt. Wilbur pays attentive attention to his parents’ instructions. Mike, his retired Marine father, went through a rigorous training regimen while serving in the Royal Marines. Wilbur’s father’s discipline and timeliness had clearly rubbed off on him.

Wilbur Silverton-Heron pays attention to his father’s counsel. Katesilverton’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Finally, we may assume that Wilbur takes a lot of advice from his wealthy and diligent parents. When it comes to raising a robust and healthy boy, Kate and Mike take great care. When it comes to indulging their children with flashy technology and superfluous luxury, today’s parents leave no stone untouched. Wilbur’s parents, of course, are an exceptional exception to the modern-day epidemic of spoilt youngsters.

Wilbert Silverton-Heron is a name with a lot of meaning.

Wilbert is a name from Germany that means “resolute, splendid.”

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