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Meet Tracy Marrow Jr. – Photos of Ice-T’s Son With Ex-Partner and Baby Mama Darlene Ortiz

Meet Tracy Marrow Jr. – Photos of Ice-T’s Son With Ex-Partner and Baby Mama Darlene Ortiz

Tracy Marrow Jr., Ice-son T’s with previous lover and baby mom Darlene Ortiz, is 25 years old. Ice Loves Coco, his father’s E! show, has highlighted the young Marrow.

Tracy Marrow Jr., through his father Ice-T and stepmother Coco Austin, is Chanel Nichole’s older brother. Marrow also has an older sister, Letesha, who is the girlfriend of “New Jack Hustler” singer Adrienne.

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In 2012, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Tracy Marrow Jr., the son of rap pioneer and “Law & Order SVU” actor Tracy Marrow, was arrested by LA cops in 2012 for an outstanding warrant. Tracy, the teenage celebrity, was also briefly taken to jail, according to published accounts.

On October 10, 2012, the Los Angeles Police Department detained Ice-young T’s kid for blasting music too loudly from his automobile. After being told to tone down the music, the rowdy adolescent Tracy allegedly made rude remarks to the officers before turning it back up. In addition, the LA cops discovered a $10,000 warrant from a previous speeding incident. Tracy was then detained by the cops, and information regarding the outstanding warrant arose.

Tracy Marrow Jr., Mamma’s Boy

Darlene Ortiz, Tracy Marrow Jr’s mother, has a close and loving relationship with him.

Darlene Ortiz/Instagram is the source of this image.

Tracy Marrow Jr., Ice-adult T’s son, is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family. Tracy has his mother’s personality and traits, and despite his age, he is still his mother’s little boy.

The lovely mother and son duo enjoy going to the movies and eating lunch together on a regular basis. Tracy enjoys spending time with his mother and has a close relationship with her. Darlene, Tracy’s mother, claims that there has never been a dull time in her life since her son was born. Tracy’s delighted mother also says that they always have a good time together, even when they are cleaning the house.

Name Meaning for Tracy Marrow Jr.

The name Tracy is derived from a Norman French place name that means “Thracius’ dominion.” Tracy Lord, the main character in the film ‘The Philadelphia Story,’ made the name prominent as a feminine name. The lovely name is also used as a diminutive of Theresa on occasion. Tracy’s name is derived from the Irish word “Treasach,” which means “warlike” or “warrior.”

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