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Meet Te Hinekāhu – Photos Of Taika Waititi’s Daughter With Chelsea Winstanley

Meet Te Hinekāhu – Photos Of Taika Waititi’s Daughter With Chelsea Winstanley

Taika Waititi, the director of Thor, and Chelsea Winstanley, his former partner, were one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. Not only did the couple create engaging events, but they also added lovely girls into their lives. Furthermore, the pair married in 2011 but divorced a couple of years later.

Unfortunately for Taika and Chelsea, things did not work out, although their girls appear to be close to their parents. Nonetheless, let us learn more about Taika Waititi’s daughter, Te Hinekhu, from his previous relationship with Chelsea Winstanley.

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The family’s oldest member

As previously stated, Taika Waititi and Chelsea Winstanley made an excellent couple. When Winstanley interviewed Taika Waititi for a documentary about Mori artists, the ex-couple met. They reconnected in 2010 and collaborated on Boy, which was an interesting coincidence. In 2011, Taika and Chelsea married in New York.

Furthermore, after a wedding year, Taika Waititi’s daughter, Te Kainga o Te Hinekaahu Waititi, was born in 2012. She is not, however, the family’s only kid. Matewa Kiritapu has an older sister named Hinekhu. Although there isn’t much information on the internet regarding Waititi’s daughter, Te Hinekhu, she appears to have a wonderful relationship with both of her parents. She also has a half-sister named Maia, who is her mother’s half-sister.

Taika and Chelsea, both from New Zealand, chose a birthing center with facilities identical to those in their own country over medical intervention. Furthermore, the NZ Herald reports that Taika originally refused to share a photo of his adorable baby girl. His Instagram, on the other hand, is currently packed with photos of his daughter. Furthermore, Taika Waititi’s daughter has his great-name. grandmother’s

Te Hinekhu’s father also admitted that being a parent came effortlessly to him because he comes from a large family.

With Father and Younger Sister in Quarantine

Work has become a little too difficult as a result of the noble Coronavirus, especially when it involves a lot of travel and involves youngsters. Taika Waititi, Te Hinekhu’s father, appears to be at ease and has handled the situation admirably.

After New Zealand made it essential for tourists to stay in hotels for two weeks before reaching their ultimate destinations, Taika Waititi and his daughters, Te Hinekhu and Matewa Kiritapu, were quarantined in a hotel. The photos he posted on Instagram were amusing. On the seventh day, he posted a picture of his hotel room floor covered in crayons and dolls.

Te Hinekhu’s father went on to say that everything was OK until his children discovered the caption’s ‘explode suitcases’ and ‘destroy everything’ buttons. On the other hand, the aftermath was clearly visible in the snapshot he provided. Similarly, Taika stated on the 13th day of hotel quarantine that things had gotten out of hand and that his girls had formed a gang. He also revealed that his name had been changed to ‘Blueberry.’ The father-daughter pair appears to have had a great time during their hotel quarantine in New Zealand and have built a stronger bond.

Te Hinekhu’s Parents Are Divorcing

Te Hinekhu’s parents, as previously said, were a happy marriage. They met and reunited at work, and their relationship began soon after. However, a relationship is more than just love and romance; it can get boring with time. Te Hinekhu’s parents divorced after only a few years of marriage, which was a typical scenario in her family.

Taika and Chelsea, Te Hinekhu’s parents, divorced in 2018. Taika’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The former Waititi couple, according to Page Six, split up in 2018. Furthermore, Waititi and Winstanley were not photographed on red carpets to promote the film in which they collaborated. Chelsea, Taika Waititi’s baby mama, also hinted at their breakup to her fans. For example, she responded to a painting done with her ex-husband with the hashtag #notmyhusband on a deleted tweet.

They appear to have moved on and are each living a good life as of now. Interestingly, while their girls are still young, they appear to enjoy co-parenting. Te Hinekhu’s parents also post images of her on her birthdays, wishing her well. They are also grateful for Hinekhu’s presence in their life and for her lively personality.

Te Hinekhu, Taika Waititi’s daughter, is a petite girl with a big personality and a lot of skill. Taika shares every milestone she achieves, such as her baby drawings and bonding activities like hairdressing. Chelsea, Hinekhu’s mother, on the other hand, rarely writes personal posts, but the two do have a close relationship.

Taika Waititi’s newborn child is still young, so we may have to wait a little longer to see and hear about her career possibilities. Will Hinekhu enter Hollywood or entirely change her career, given that both of her parents are in the entertainment industry? What are your thoughts?

Waititi Te Kainga o Te Hinekaahu Te Kainga o Te Hinekaahu Te Kainga o Te Hinekaahu Waititi

It’s not easy to figure out what Taika’s daughter’s name means. Her father, on the other hand, had joked with his friends that Te Hinekhu meant “Resurrection of Tupac” or “Mazda RX7,” after Taika Waitti’s beloved automobile.