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Meet Taylor Giavasis – Photos Of Nash Grier’s Girlfriend Turned Fiance

Meet Taylor Giavasis – Photos Of Nash Grier’s Girlfriend Turned Fiance

Nash Grier, a YouTuber, and his fiancee Taylor Giavasis are expecting their first child. While Nash is a well-known YouTuber with a net worth of $3.5 million, many people are interested in learning more about his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Taylor.

Nash and Taylor started dating in 2015 and have been together since then. Taylor is about to marry Nash Grier and become the mother of his first child. The engaged couple Nash and Taylor have not yet tied the knot, but they are planning to do so soon.

Taylor Giavasis’ personal and professional life are detailed below.

Nash Grier’s Girlfriend Taylor Giavasis Is Expecting Her First Child

Nash Grier, a former Viner, and his stunning fiancee Taylor are looking forward to welcoming their first child into the world. Taylor startled fans when she announced her pregnancy on Instagram on April 20, 2019.

She couldn’t be more overjoyed! Taylor added a long comment in the post about her desire to be a mother and the love a woman feels when she becomes a mother. Well, kudos to her!

Bobby Cutts and Nikki Giavasis are Taylor Giavasis’ parents.

When it comes to her parents, few people are aware that Taylor’s parents are already well-known in the media. Her father, Bobby Lee Cutts Jr., on the other hand, is well-known for the wrong reasons. He is a convicted felon who is currently serving a life sentence for murder. According to this tweet, Taylor wants to disassociate herself from her criminal father.

Taylor’s mother, Nikki Giavasis, is closer to her as a result, and the two are a loving mother-daughter pair.

Taylor Giavasis’s mother, Nikki Giavasis, is a stunning woman. Heavy is the source of this image.

Taylor’s mother, Nikki, is a former NFL cheerleader and model. Nikki has undoubtedly passed on her talent and charisma to her daughter Taylor.

Taylor Giavasis is a well-known social media personality.

Taylor, like her boyfriend Nash, is ahead of the game when it comes to having a significant following on her social media sites. She has a combined 750K+ followers on Instagram and Twitter, where she is active.

The lovely Taylor is a social media celebrity and entrepreneur. Taylor’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Taylor, like her mother, Nikki, is an entrepreneur. With her soon-to-be husband, Nash, she manages a t-shirt company called Express Through Perspective. Taylor also operates the Instagram account The Naked Diaries, where people show off their bare bodies alongside a personal tale. Taylor is also a foster caring specialist who adores animals!

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