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Meet Taryn Dakha – Romany Malco’s Ex-Wife and Jessica Alba’s Stunt double

Meet Taryn Dakha – Romany Malco’s Ex-Wife and Jessica Alba’s Stunt double

Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, is a Canadian model, pro-figure skater, and Jessica Alba’s stunt double. Taryn has worked as Jessica Alba’s professional stunt double in a number of films. Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, has appeared in several films, including The Eye, Fantastic: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four.

Romany Malco, Taryn’s ex-husband, is an accomplished American actor. He has been in a variety of television shows and films. He has been in television shows such as Weeds and Blunt Talk, as well as films such as Almost Christmas, The DUFF, Think Like a Man and others. Returning to the subject, let’s not spend any more time and learn more about Romay Malco’s ex-wife, Taryn Dakha.

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The Marriage and Divorce of Romany Malco and Taryn Dakha

Romany Malco and his ex-wife Taryn Dakha originally met in 2007 on the set of “The Love Guru.” Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, played Jessica Alba’s lookalike stunt double in the film.

In their first meeting, actor Romany Malco and model Taryn Dakha seemed to click. Roman Malco married Taryn Dakha on September 3rd, 2008, after dating for about a year. The wedding was attended by only a few close friends and relatives.

When Romany Malco and Taryn Dakha were still married, they had a photo together. Hollywood is the source of this image.

Unfortunately, Romany Malco and Taryn Dakha’s marriage ended in divorce, similar to Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera’s divorce.

Romany and Taryn’s ex-couple kept their connection a secret. Many others were completely unaware of the divorce. The actual date of their breakup is still unknown, but some speculate that it happened around 2016. According to other sources, their marriage lasted only two years. Romany Malco is also said to have dated singer Kat Dahlia, according to some accounts.

Is There a Child From The Ex-Couple?

In regards to the baby, Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, has been photographed sporting a baby belly, although with a different man. As a result, there is no proof that Romany Malco and Taryn Dakha ever had a child. In the media, neither Romany nor Taryn have revealed anything about the baby.

Taryn Dakha is expecting a child, but it does not appear to be from her first spouse. A custom photo was used to create this image.

Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, is not on social media. As a result, she’s most likely avoiding the spotlight. She has been tight-lipped about her personal life and affairs. Taryn isn’t about to cause a ruckus that will tarnish her public image.

A friendship between Jessica Alba and Taryn Dakha

Jessica Alba and her stunt double Taryn have developed a close bond as a result of their many hours spent together on set. They’ve been seen together numerous times. Jessica Alba was seen shopping in West Hollywood, California, and at her baby shower.

Taryn Dakha, Romany Malco’s ex-wife, and Jessica Alba go shopping in West Hollywood, California. Celebrity Babies is the source of this image.

Jessica Alba, on the other hand, hasn’t worked in a film in a long time. With both of them leading quiet lives, it’s difficult to say if Taryn and Jessica’s friendship has remained the same or has evolved. In any case, we wish the two lovely ladies all the best.

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