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Meet Stephanie Rose Bongiovi – Photos of Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter With Wife Dorothea Hurley

Meet Stephanie Rose Bongiovi – Photos of Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter With Wife Dorothea Hurley

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, a member of the American rock band Jon Bon Jovi, was born on May 31, 1993. She is Bon Jovi’s and his wife Dorothea Hurley’s only child. Jesse Bongiovi, Romeo Jon Bongiovi, and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi are Rose’s three younger brothers.

Stephanie Rose, unlike her father Bon Jovi, has a normal public profile. There aren’t many facts about her, although she has published a few photos of herself walking down the runway on social media. It gives us the impression that she is a model at some point.

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Stephanie Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi’s daughter, enjoys going to events.

Stephanie is one of the famous children whose famous parents are well-known. Despite the fact that Rose’s modeling career has received less attention, her father Bon Jovi frequently promotes his daughter by involving her in various events. She and her dad also attended the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley accept the Grammy Award with their daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi. CBS NEWS is the source of this image.

She has also appeared in other events such as the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, the opening night production of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” and many others where we learn more about her. She was a part of a number of events, including Bon Jovi’s 2017 Las Vegas concert.

Stephanie Bon Jovi, the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi, was arrested for drug use.

Bon Jovi has a difficult time dealing with his daughter’s drug use. Furthermore, being a celebrity, such things were unbearable for him. Bon Jovi revealed that he received a call from her daughter’s college, informing him that she was doing heroin, which worried him for a time. Stephanie was apprehended while attending Hamilton College. Stephanie was brought to the hospital due to an overdose, leaving her family speechless.

Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi is the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi. GENTE IG is the source of this image.

Regardless, Stephanie has a particular relationship with her father, Bon Jovi. Jon wrote a song called “I’ve Got a Girl” to dedicate to his daughter, in which she danced alongside him on stage.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s father, Jon Bon Jovi, seemed proud and thrilled when she graduated in 2017. During the commencement ceremony at the New York City school, she received a liberal arts degree.

Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi on her graduation day in 2017. Daily Asian Age is the source of this image.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi: What Does Her Name Mean?

Stephanie comes from the Greek word stephanos, which means “crown.” The name Rose is derived from a Germanic word that means “fragrant rose.”

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