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Meet Stella Irene August Aykroyd – Photos Of Dan Aykroyd’s Daughter With Wife Donna Dixon

Meet Stella Irene August Aykroyd – Photos Of Dan Aykroyd’s Daughter With Wife Donna Dixon

Stella Irene August Aykroyd, the comedian Dan Aykroyd’s daughter, was born on April 5, 1998. Dan and Donna Dixon, who married in 1983, welcomed Stella into their family as their third child.

Stella is the youngest of Dan and Donna’s three children. Danielle Aykroyd, born in 1989, and Belle Kingston Aykroyd, born in 1993, are her older sisters.

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Stella Irene August, Dan Aykroyd’s daughter, is a dog lover.

Stella, like her sister Belle, adores animals, particularly dogs. Nothing is cuter than the Aykroyd sisters feeling close to the animals. Her Instagram is brimming with photos of her darling puppies. She is a true dog lover, and if you are as well, checking out her Instagram will not disappoint you!

Stella has graduated from high school and may be enrolled in college at this time. She is close with both of her sisters, Danielle and Belle, and has traveled with them to numerous locations. Every single one of the Aykroyd chicks is just like any other person. They’re going about their daily lives, enjoying each other’s company and doing what they prefer.

Stella Aykroyd is Dan Aykroyd’s youngest child with Donna Dixon. Stella’s Instagram is the source of this photo.

Danielle, Stella’s elder sister, is a singer and guitarist who performs under the stage name Vera Sola. Danielle has one of the nicest sisters who is always there for her to give a shoutout and is highly supportive of her interest. While Danielle has already decided what she wants to accomplish, we don’t yet know what the other two Aykroyd sisters, Stella and Belle, are planning. However, it appears that they are not keen in following in their father’s footsteps into the entertainment world.

Stella with her elder sister Danielle, with whom she has a tight relationship. Stella’s Instagram is the source of this photo.

Aykroyd, Stella Irene August: Meaning of Name

Stella is a Latin name for a girl kid that means “star.” Irene is derived from the Greek word Eirene, which signifies peace. August, likewise, comes from the Latin Augustus, which meaning “to expand.”

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