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Meet Sonora Cooper – Photos Of Alice Cooper’s Daughter With Wife Sheryl Goddard

Meet Sonora Cooper – Photos Of Alice Cooper’s Daughter With Wife Sheryl Goddard

Alice Cooper’s daughter with his wife, Sheryl Goddard, is Sonora Rose Cooper. Sonora, the couple’s youngest child, was born in 1992. Calico Cooper, her older sister, and Dashiell Cooper, her older brother, are her only siblings. Sonora’s parents have been married since 1976, when they tied the knot.

Sonora Cooper is also married to Diego Diaz, who is a handsome man. In November 2018, the pair married in Phoenix, Arizona. Sonora, who is relatively young and attractive, clearly intends to be a mother to her lovely children. Sonora loves rock and roll music because of her father Alice and older brother Dashiell aka Dash. Rock & roll appears to be in the Cooper family blood.

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Sonora Cooper, Alice Cooper’s daughter, married in a memorable ceremony.

Sonora Cooper, the daughter of Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard, aspires to enjoy life to the fullest. Last year, Sonora Rose had the most exquisite wedding. Sonora Rose Cooper adopted her husband’s surname after their marriage, and she now goes by the name Sonora Diaz on Instagram and elsewhere. Sonora describes how she met her spouse, Diego Diaz, in high school in her wedding perspective tale. The two met for the first time at a friend’s house and instantly felt a connection.

Sonora Cooper is married to Diego Diaz, a handsome man. The Knot is the source of this image.

Sonora Rose is also a Phoenix-based certified cosmetics and SPFX artist. Sonora executes her father Alice Cooper’s composition in a lovely style, in addition to performing excellent cosmetics for her high-profile clients.

Sonora and Diego felt they had a great relationship after dating for a long. Their lovely and expensive wedding was the consequence of their passionate relationship. Sonora’s mother, Sheryl, and sister, Calico, served as bridesmaids at her wedding.

Furthermore, we feel Sonora and her husband will be blessed with adorable children any day now. We wish the newlyweds all the best in their future endeavors.

Sonora Rose Cooper is a name with a deep meaning.

Sonora is a Spanish baby name that translates to “pleasant sounding.” Rose refers to the lovely flower “rose.”