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Meet Skyler Martin – Photos Of Shari Headley’s Son With Christopher Martin

Meet Skyler Martin – Photos Of Shari Headley’s Son With Christopher Martin

Shari Headley is an American nationality former model and actress. She rose to notoriety after starring in the American romantic comedy film Coming to America as Lisa McDowell. She has also appeared in films and television shows such as On Becoming a God in Central Florida, All My Children, and Towelhead. Aside from acting, Shari is well-known for her modeling work, which she did at the start of her career.

Shari’s profession as an actress and former model has undoubtedly brought her a great deal of fame and fortune. The stunning actress is a devoted mother to her son, Skyler Martin, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Christopher Martin. So, let’s find out more about Shari Headley’s son, Skyler Martin, and where he might be.

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Is The Couple’s Only Son?

Christopher and Shari have a child together, as previously mentioned. They have a son, Skyler Martin, who they named after their two-year marriage. Christopher and Shari’s child was born one year after their marriage, in April 1994. Because both parents prefer to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, little information about Skyler has been revealed.

Nonetheless, Shari Headley’s kid with Christopher Martin, Skyler Martin, has grown up and is doing well for himself.

Is It Possible To Be A Cartoonist?

Skyler Martin, Shari Headley’s son, is the creator of the animation Skyler & Friends.

Skyler, Stuffles & Murphe, Aaron, Kiana, Melody, Hector, Abigail, EJ, Skyler’s Mom, Nana (Skyler’s grandmother), Jodi, Willow, Tyler, Erika, and Woody are among the characters featured in the cartoon collection. They put up a stand at the Atlanta Comic-Con in December 2018, selling limited edition sticker sets as well as a copy of the Panel-to-Panel Collection.

Skyler’s mother applauds his efforts and pushes him to improve.

Skyler Martin has a divorced father and a divorced mother.

For a brief period of time, Skyler Martin’s parents, Christopher Martin and Shari Headley, had a happy marriage. The former couple met at a party in 1991, but did not begin dating until the following years. Skyler’s father, Christopher, proposed to his mother over a dinner date in 1993, and they married soon after in a modest ceremony.

Skyler Martin is the son of Christopher Martin and Shari Headley, a former spouse. Shari Headley’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

As previously stated, the ex-couple welcomed their son, Skyler, one year after their marriage. Skyler’s parents’ marriage, on the other hand, was doomed to fail. They divorced in June 1995, and the public was kept in the dark about spousal and child support payments. In 2001, however, two Long Island judges ordered Christopher to continue paying his son $159 per week in child support. He also owed $42,000 in back payments, according to the evidence. During the hearing, the Coming to America actress also testified that she raised her son alone, without the assistance of her ex-husband.

Prefers a More Private Life

Skyler Martin is the son of Christopher Martin, a well-known actor and rapper, and Shari Headley, an actress. Despite their celebrity and celebrity, Skyler’s parents choose a private life away from the spotlight. Skyler, like his parents, appears to enjoy a secluded existence, as he has no social media presence. He must, however, be leading a happy and comfortable life.

Has a close relationship with his sibling

Shari and Christopher have only one kid, Skyler. He is not, however, Christopher’s sole child. Christopher Martin Jr. and Vannessa Martin-Jackson are Christopher’s other children. According to some accounts, Vannessa’s biological mother is Shari, although given that the ex-couple was only together for two years, this is unlikely. Skyler’s half-sister could be Vannessa. Christopher Martin Jr., Christopher Martin’s other son, is a rapper like his father. Skyler and his siblings get along swimmingly.

The Martins are an extremely discreet family. However, in the coming days, we expect to learn more about Skyler Martin and his job choices.

Skyler is a name with a meaning.

Skyler is a shortened version of the Dutch name Schuyler, which meaning scholar.

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